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  1. I'm really happy that they're doing this when they really didn't have too. It'd be quite nice for future replayability. I am generally really annoyed by turn based combat and am kind of worried that this might make an affect on future titles if it goes over well, but I trust Obsidian will do right by us RTwP lovers.
  2. Avellone still buttmad I see. Probably has his codex goons backing him up as well.
  3. I really hate when crpgs have the option to use npc portraits for your character. It's really awkward to walk up to an important person and find out you're wearing their face.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Now all I have to do is wait until the game is playable.
  5. That isn't exactly the kind of build I was going for but thanks. Right now I have an Inquisitor of Iomedae and I thought it might be cool to take some levels in Aldori Defender for flavor.
  6. I'm trying to play a melee inquisitor but I'm not sure I'm building it right. I know I'm putting way too much into charisma but I can't bear dump it because of the whole "king" thing. Any suggestions?
  7. If you people are really saying this shlock is better than PoE2 you're in the wrooong forum. Russian collusion is real.
  8. I'm not playing on Unfair, I'm playing on Hard. It was a decent experience until you leave the prologue. After that it's just complete bull.
  9. Except that the flasks only do 1 damage if you're playing on anything above normal. I'm not "whining", there are legitimate problems with the game but you're too blind to admit it.
  10. And a tip straight from one of the loading screens that actually help against them (if you have any useful AoE spells, or any AoE prolly), you can use "control" on your keyboard to lock AOE onto targets, and then toggle with "control" to unlock and redo it, if needed. Unless you happen to not have an arcane caster, then you're screwed.
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