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  1. Finished a complete POTD playthrough of the game with all DLCs on my Tactician/Soulblade and in the end, I decided to go with Herald for my next one. Does this look okay: Race: Mountain Dwarf Class: Herald (Goldpact/Troubadour) Stats: MIG20//CON8//DEX2//PER15//INT14//RES19 (Aedyr) + 2 Berath's Blessings Aimed for 20 int with 4 from necklace+helmet. May drop some RES for more INT/PER, I'd like to keep MIG maxed. Depends on how well would WOTEP do. Gear: Weapon Set 1: WOTEP Weapon Set 2: Kapana Taga + Cadhu Scalth (random dagger/spear early game) Armor: Patinated Plate early game Blackened Plate later, if I don't need the extra armor for the encounter, maybe Nomad's Brigandine Helm: Heaven's Cacophony (Survivor's Tusks is a nice one too, but comes late) Cloak: Greater Deflecion Bracers: Greater Deflection Boots: Boots of the White (idk...) Belt: Undying Burden/The Maker's Own Power Necklace: Charm of Bones Rings: Ring of Greater Regen//Enonia's Signet Ring/Chameleon's Touch//Kuaru's Prize Pet: idk yet, maybe the +2 Resolve one? open for suggestions Blood Pool Sacrifice: Edér (does not feel right... well...) Plan is to hand out Brand Enemy and use the two DOT chants + WOTEP retaliation against trash mobs and turtle up vs bosses. I don't really want to solo, because I'm the kind of hoarder who likes to use his shinies, but there seem to be some benefits to soloing on this one. Probably gonna have a Ghost Heart/cipher, as it is hands down my favorite build so far, so much utility with reliable damage output, it kept up really nicely in damage done to my Watcher last playthrough with single handed style and Ecca's Arcane Blaster (should have respecced to have Dragon's Dowry/Red Hand options, but I was lazy). Disintegrating low FORT casters all the time might have went a long way in the great overall damage done, I pretty much ignored casters with the rest of the party. I used a Shieldberer/Troubador herald last playthrough as a healbot (that inspired me to create this build for my Watcher for the next playthrough, as his only way of dealing damage was Brand Enemy, but it was really handy in the tougher fights), which I absolutely loved, so might go super lame and double up on heralds. The last 2 slots are up in the air, but I try to stay away from micro heavy characters and to some extent Priest/Wizard. I want to try a pure suicide barb with Twin Eels + Saint's War Armor + Vengeful defeat, shame that Survivor's Tusks won't bind to barb. Getting Sain't War Armor won't really be possible if I chose Edér as blood pool sacrifice...
  2. 1.) I haven't used console yet, I guess it's easy enough to test though, I'll just roll up a tavern barb and try later. Would be a crazy strong combination. 2.) I was wondering about the potential double dip 3.) The instakill under 50hp is still pretty nice though. Thanks for the answers
  3. I have a few, and I'm sure I'll run into more so... 1.) Does Helm of the White Void provide the +10 accuracy bonus if I take Spirit Frenzy as a barbarian? (in theory it shoud...) 2.) Does Might/Healing Done affect Steel Garrote drain/Old Siec Would not rest/Unbending? 3.) If I use Amra on a barbarian, do I get both the Carngae and Gore AOE damage? (I remember reading somewhere that they can't both apply on the same hit) 4.) If I become frenzied from an Amra proc, do I still get the benefits of Spirit Frenzy/Blood Frenzy/Berserker? (only relevant if the answer for 3.) is yes) 5.) Do afflictions from weapon procs such as Aamiina's Legacy/Patinated Plate get duration benefits from INT?
  4. I just realized that Tuotilo's Palm counts as unarmed. In my last playthrough I made a swashbuckler with the idea of using Magran's Blessing (that I evnetually dropped for the adra shield... can't remember the name), because it felt useless. I'll definitely try something with Tuotilo's palm now, but I just played Trickster/Tactician in my last playthrough, so probably something different this time (in hindsight, unbroken or even devoted would have been better probably...). I really got warmed up to the idea of playing a stalker (in part for roleplaying reasons), and even if a bit tedious, he can get great deflection bonuses eventually with the innate and Beast's Claw, but not sure how useful the pet would be if I multiclass. Definitely needs a chipher buddy to keep up Ancestor's Memory. I usually go ghost heart on any ranger, but I wonder how much damage the pet can do with all the passives taken . During the midgame I can just target kith with Beast's Claw I guess, then for bosses I'll already have Ancestor's Memory running. If I do multiclass, would Beast's Claw stack with various other sources of deflection? (Trickster or Helwalker sounds like decent mc choices, depending on how much it hurts the pet) Or maybe I can tank with pistol + shield?
  5. That's a build I tried and played it up to lvl 9 or 10, but decided that it'd not pack enough punch in the more troublesome encounters (megabosses, SSS fights), and hordes of melee mobs can be roflstomped in more than enough ways. I had no trouble completing POTD on either of my playthroughs (first as Ghost Heart/cipher then as Tactician/Soulblade), I even did the ooze megaboss on my seer, and felt like I could get Dorudungan down too with a bit of practice, but I wanted a build like my dumped RES dps tanks in PoE1, something that can solo tank regular encounters (even if not bosses), and dish out nearly as much dps as a build optimized for it. Had really high hopes for Steel Garrote/zerker with the rage upgrade that staggers foes for constant draining, and all the armor stacking that combination provides, but even that felt underwhelming compated to the PoE1 builds. Maybe it's just Shod-in-Faith was bonkers, and I grown completely reliant on it for building melee in PoE1. I just feel like ranged has a huge edge over melee here, especially with gearing (+5 acc helm/ring, +10 acc ring if you use Dragon's Dowery, +10% dmg +3 acc pet...), maybe it's just my knowledge still being limmited. Also godlikes don't really feel like godlikes in the sequel
  6. I recently started playing Deadfire, played 2 builds to lvl 20 so far, finished FS and all the main questlines (with reloads). In PoE1 I really liked tanky dps frontliners for my watcher, I played moon godlike barb and fire godlike monk and they just smashed content on POTD, however I have difficulty finding such high dps frontline tank builds in Deadfire. I tried stacking armor as steel garrote zerker or use unbending, as tactician/soulblade, but haven't got the results I was used to in PoE1. Are there such builds available in Deadfire without abusing the more cheesy abilities of the game? I want to do all bosses with them.
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