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  1. I find myself in disagreement. Creative use of certain spells in the right situations makes them powerful. In a general sense, I'm inclined to agree. Sometimes, using brute force is better than being clever. Other times, being clever is far more satisfying. Echo skills are, to the cipher, what chants and invocations are to the chanter. They make the party better and provide useful ancillary effects that make the game easier. Useless for soloing, mostly. Valorous Echos remains one of the best low level picks though. I'll stand by that statement. Does it help the cipher? No, it does not. D
  2. Echo skills might be the cipher's most powerful and most useful abilities. Valorous Echos makes the first island much easier, and remains useful throughout the game. If you multiclass with a ghost heart ranger, you get a perfect summon for echocasting. Most echo spells are about as subtle as the b in subtle, and it is easy to gloss over them. They act as a sort of force multiplier that makes you and your party better. Echoing Shield is amazing, but I never see anybody talk about it. It just doesn't get mentioned. Amplified Wave might be my favourite spell, but it takes some preparation to make
  3. I think you need slight of hand at six or seven to pick Shrimp's pocket, and you need some pretty high stealth. Don't recall how much. If you can separate Shrimp from his crew, it becomes a whole lot easier.
  4. Psion isn't wholly terrible, but has focus issues. Beguiler can gain focus just by casting spells.
  5. I would say that a beguiler would be your best bet. Single class suites the beguiler, and contrary to popular belief, you don't need to attack much to get focus. You have to cast spells to get focus. The real trick would be making yourself defensive without hurting your accuracy. Not easy. Large shields will impair your aim. It might actually be worth it to go dual daggers, with the modal. Psychovampiric shield will go a long way towards making you durable. With a well-played beguiler, you do reach the point where the enemies aren't much of a threat to you. They can't really hurt you. Much. Th
  6. It does. And the cipher has a number of dots available, and this makes certain pet damage skills quite good where the pet gets bonuses from attacking something with a dot.
  7. Perhaps. I thought about that as well. But the trickster lacks the sheer confoundery of a beguiler. It would be a build of similar theme, but drastically different outcome. More direct offense, I think. Of course, the pair of them would work rather well together. Which means that you have the start of a theme team!
  8. I would imagine that the multiclass of beguiler and ancient druid would give you something that most resembles a fey trickster. Vengeful forces of nature and deceptive illusions. Mind control. Afflictions. Curses! You can provide boons to your companions while blighting your enemies. It's a weird class combo. As a bonus, the Oracle of Berath is rather ominous.
  9. I do. Sorta. It's not very complicated. Take most of the echo skills and use the AI scripts to cast them on your pet. Use all of the right cipher deception and mind skills. Soul shock will be your bread and butter. Soul shock and valorous echos should be your two level one skills. Ignore most of your ranger skills. Set up AI to summon your pet. Marked prey will give you the accuracy you need. I'm not exactly awake. So I am probably doing a terrible job at this.
  10. And I would agree with you up to a point. There are instances where it is good to max it out. But when you need other stats to function, I tend to go for what I consider to be maximum yields for minimum investment. And it depends on the character build. There's a lot of factors. I was speaking in generalities. If I wanted to maximise res at the cost of other skills, I would. But, if I knew I had other ways and means to get high res, I might just shave a few points off of it I could get away with it. An example: I am currently messing around with a beguiler / forbidden fist. I wanted high
  11. I would get strength to 11. You get a bonus, but not much of one. This will increase your passive healing a bit. With an inspiration, this will get your str to 16, situationally. Which is far better because then you can control how much damage you do to yourself. Res should be at 11 or 15. Those are the sweet spots. At 11, it is easy to hit res 16, and then go even higher with items. At 15, you can hit res 20 with an inspiration, and then go even higher with items, which grants you spectacular returns.
  12. Just an opinion, but these stats aren't as helpful as one might think on first glance. Con and int both are easy to raise as a wizard. (Fit, smart) While they are nice to have, you can drop them both to 15 and get just about as much use out of them. Which allows you to raise might, which increases the regen of your blood mage. Perception is still important for a wizard tank, so ten should be the minimum. 11 is better, because with a +5 inspiration, you hit 16, which is a sweet spot. You get a lot of return for 16. This is true for all stats. 11 and 15 are always good numbers to shoot for. With
  13. And this is the reason why I love skeletons. Lots of skeletons. A moving wall of bones that trigger engagement.
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