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  1. Hi I dont have any mods.. I think it is a turn-based bug.. I have now a Troubadour and everything cost 1 phase more and instead to start with 4 phases I start with 3. Yes, may be you are right it is a bug but at this point of the game I don't expect someone is going to fix this bug. I have tried to post it in the support area and nothing from the developers
  2. I only have 18 intellect and I can see every 2or3 turns (it is random) I have 2 chants ON with Brisk recitation ON is it a visual bug? or is it possible to have 2 chants running with Brisk recitation On?
  3. Hello guys, [Turn-base] As a Troubadour, is it possible to have Brisk recitation on (2phases/turn but the linger duration is removed) and with X intellect to get 2 or even 3 chants running at the same time? If the answer is yes... how many intellect do you need to get 2 chants running in the same turn? 25? For example Ancient Memory + Mercy and Kindness Followed Where'er She Walked Thanks or if I remove the linger effect = you ONLY are able to keep 1 chant on
  4. OKy guys.. I've just started a new game because I couldn't find the way to fix this bug with my chanter... and again.. I am a Skald Chanter it is means my 'Rejoice, My Comrades! Two Fingers of Daylight' cost 5 instead of 4. However I always start with 4 phases and the max I can get without empower myself is 4/5. Is it a bug or is it something normal?
  5. Hi Why does the Cipher has support skills (echo)? I've never seen any Cipher support build or a Cipher build around the echo spells. Is it a thing? or these echo skills are there for multi class builds?
  6. Following this topic.. My chanter is bugged Since two days ago I only can get 4/4 phases when I have a 5 phase spell with my chanter. I have tried to retraining it but nothing... any help?
  7. I did it. I have retraining and nothing.. I never have 5phases. Two days ago I had access to 5 phases but I don't know what I did :S and now my max phases are 4 . Is there another way to fix this bug? Is there any support tool?
  8. Hi I only use Eyestrike when there is a group of range mobs to F*** them and force them to walk in melee, also to avoid my back line (low CON and low DEF get killed in 2 shoots) I prefer to use Phantom Foes to open as well... because I don't know if it is a bug but...sometime some mobs who are flaked they don't attack or walk or anything... it is weird. It is like they are stunned.
  9. Hello guys I have a problem... I have a Chanter (Skad) as you know the non-offensive spells are +1 expensive.. however, my max phases are all time 4/4. I am not able to get the 5th phases to use my spell. Is it a bug or what I am doing bad? If it is a bug, how could I fix it?
  10. Cool thank you for the feedback! At the moment I am lovely my experience with this off-meta tank! Even more than the blood mage. Are the following attributes distribution ok? Race: PALE ELF (extra PER point and nice anti fire/frozen def) MIG: 8 (buff/debuff are not relate with MIG, also I am not expecting to generate focus attacking or even using auto attacks) CON: 13 DEX: 3 + 1 (Turn base, DEX sucks!) PER: 18 + 1 (It is very important because if I fail with my debuff = lose focus = lose tank potential) I have tried with PER:15 and omg.. fail a debuff feels so bad! because in the next turn you are not going to have enough focus to do something and the enemies are going to hit you harder for two turns INT: 16 Buff/Debuff duration and AOE radius. RES: 18 + 1 Love to see my enemies failing all their attacks
  11. Hello I am trying all the off-meta tanks.. and at the moment the Blood mage (SC) is love! Now it is the turn for the Cipher, is there any way to make a Cipher (SC) tank? I know he cannot get a good DEF numbers, Tank is not only to have about BIG DEF, I think CC is a big part of the tanking role as well. If it is possible.. what is the best sub-class? Also, I would like to double check how the Cipher focus generation works.... big dmg (HIGH MIG = more focus by hit?) Ta!
  12. What you say makes sense. The only reason why I really want to go first is because as Bloodmage if I don't have my buff on... 4 hits could kill me before my turn. It is my only reason why just to have better initiative
  13. Yeah DEX sucks! in TB I only like to have some points in DEX in my tank to try to be the first but apart from that DEX is baaaad.. I am using the Dex point in CON and RES with some extra point in res even in range/shooter to avoid hits = less healing needed
  14. Just using your example which one is very clear! Should I follow the same idea with a range caster? I am not expecting to get any hit... however, when I receive it. It is better to have bigger chance (RES) to avoid it instead a big HP pool with less chance to avoid it? I am not saying to drop CON to 3 but try to find a balance between RES / CON with a little more points in RES Your previous example was very clear
  15. I am very confused... I usually read in this forum outside from tank.. lets imagine a Support/Healer or DPS (caster) even DPS front line.. people on this forum say.. High Con is better than RES and they usually say dump RES (3) because it is a **** attribute for not tank character. However you are saying CON is not better than RES, why?
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