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  1. Played a couple hours with the chanter, and I am not a chanter fan… what do you think about a Goldpact/Ghost Heart?
  2. Hello guys. I don’t know if it’s viable, but I want to try a solo run using ranged weapons, if possible bows. My first idea is a Chanter, or do you think another class could do better?
  3. Thanks I looked at the stats, and for now the Last Word is being a better option than the Gladiator. I cleared the Oathbinder Sanctum and the island with the Cavern of Xaur Tuk Tuk. Heading to Neketaka now, and I will go for the Bardatto mace now. I wonder if is possible to solo with this Crusader, what do you think?
  4. After try almost every combination, I finally decided my class, and for my own surprise, is the class I thought would be the most boring at all: The Crusader (Goldpact/Unbroken) I had good times with another classes, specially the Monk/Fighter (I still want to try a solo run with him), but the Crusader is the one that fits exactly what I wanted. I am using this stats MIG 12 CON 17 DEX 10 PER 19 INT 15 RES 17 I am picking all defensive passives, no FoD. My question is abou equipment , now I am using Last Word as my weapon, and Deaths Maw on the head. What gear should I aim for now?
  5. I am using something like this MIG 15 CON 17 DEX 10 PER 21 INT 10 RES 17 If you will try this, I would just change to unbroken . This will help the engagement issue , bonus AR and more flexibility to choose weapons.
  6. The biggest downside for me is the lack of engagement, sometimes the enemies just pass running for me. But about survivability, I can’t complain until now. Even with 10 wounds, the Constant Recovery is being enough to keep me alive, and in extreme cases I still have Second Wind/ Potions and my healer. I was planning try solo with this monk, but I don’t know if would be viable
  7. I know is a different approach from what you are looking for, but I am doing a Helwalker/Devoted and he is one of the most fun I played so far. I can tank with him and dish out good damage.
  8. I raised Athletics until 5 only (7 with Hylea bounty). I will raise alchemy now, thanks
  9. Some news about this char. I am impressed with his self sustain. Even with 10 wounds, I heal enough to keep my health almost on top. In an emergency, my second wind is healing almost full health. I got Determination (+20 Defenses against INT PER CON affliction) for now, because he is a tank and I need boost my defenses. Now heading up to Neketaka.
  10. Just passing to say that I am using the sabre in the off hand and it’s really cool. Thanks for the idea @Boeroer
  11. Yeah, I noticed that. Specially with mr wanting him to be a tank. I guess the closer I can be is a Goldpact paladin: even with the garrote/FF synergy being better, the +4 armor since the beginning will help a lot, plus all the defenses we know. But the armor look isn’t an issue for me , I can accept a monk in heavy armor. What I can’t accept is a monk in heavy armor wielding a two handed sword, or using a large shield
  12. One handed sabre, using one handed style to increase criticals. Is it monk-ish?
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