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  1. valians probably going down the path of engwithans with all the mistakes and triumphs that entails huana even more marginalized other than that who knows
  2. yea turning 360 degrees and running away is good now that I have family pride upgrades
  3. yea I think there must be less attention on lower difficulties, I did my first playthrough on normal and I was almost never attacked feels a bit more like a pirate game now, some risk to traveling
  4. I had watcher up for the first few and then I switched to principi and that's when a level 14 principi hunted me down, so I just surrendered that one
  5. so I've noticed that ships are way more aggressive with me hunting me down on normal I think I went straight to deal with benwith I don't remember, maybe I need standing with principi for them to stop but I'm being swarmed with pirates at level 6, only thing I can do is really surrender way different feel going to level a bit and do a lot of what I can do in neketaka try to get as close as I can to level 10, then probably go deal with benwith
  6. surely you know that boomer refers to anyone over 30 years old in internet speak but the point remains, people can't handle novelty, and they constantly moan about it there is a 70 page thread on the codex about the "failure" of pillars of eternity and almost no objective arguments are used a whole lot of back in my day but no substance
  7. gorecci street was hardest fight for me even on normal, went and did the digsite first
  8. it's getting to that point for me about to beat POE1 on veteran, really I feel POE2 a second time through on veteran will be too easy as I know how the game works
  9. wasn't shilled as hard as dos2 that's pretty much it, really on rpgcodex and similar places people have a problem with the "feeling" or other weird buzzwords to me it translates to boomers way past their prime that can't get into something new, unfortunate but it seems to be the case, same reason they didn't like poe 1 they'll write novels on how it didn't activate their feelings and their nostalgia for the old games, it isn't a 1:1 copy of Baldur's Gate 2 therefore it didn't trigger my nostalgia and me not like
  10. I saw your watershapers focus build ranger rogue and something like that was kind of the idea it looks like I'd blow through the entire game in about 3 hours though, god forbid I had a party of 5 btw it's not for turn based I just felt like giving the fine people here some backstory, I'll probably go real time veteran or potd
  11. I beat the game as a barb rogue on turn based normal difficulty was too easy honestly, probably going to go back in on veteran real time, after I finish my veteran run on poe1 been cooking up a rogue ranger build in my head, kind of a combination of the ideal ranged attacker I wanted from poe 1 when I played it the first time thoughts on rogue rangers? driving flight, just sit back and watch everything get destroyed
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