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  1. Of those I have found so far, I definitely liked the Piglet for the longest, but now that I've got Concelhaut's Floating Skull, I doubt I'm gonna top that.
  2. I have a message in the Actions pane saying Azzuro is at the stronghold, but he isn't, and I see nothing in the stronghold GUI to let me trade with him....
  3. I am seeing this happen right now. My Hold's Actions screen says he is at the stronghold but he is not there. On another post someone said you can buy from him in the stronghold GUI but I don't see any options for that either.
  4. I wouldn't say the plot is complex, but that you're given so much stuff to do on the side that it's easy to lose track of the main story. I wandered around for days (in game) before I even got to the the quests in Defiance Bay, and then I managed to hit all the side quests there too before I stumbled back onto the main story. If anything the main story is a bit linear, albeit not a straight line (at least through act 2, which is as far as I've played). There are 3 factions in Defiance Bay, but which one you end up with really doesn't seem to affect the outcome of act 2. Your choices in ma
  5. Ah, well, I remember the Steward telling me the Bannermen were tough when she first gave me the quest. I actually didn't go right away, but clearly I still have some leveling to do before I'm ready for them (even at level 10 I am having trouble). The Adra Dragon, well every ability I try to use on her I get a <0% to hit on mouseover, even though the previous fight was pretty easy. So that seems to be a big, big jump from the one to the other. Regardless, I'll try some different strategies with her. I figure I just need to find a way to get my buffs up before she can mow us all down in two A
  6. Thanks! Now I can proceed with act 3 as soon as I get back from the gaming con this weekend.
  7. So I got Caed Nua established pretty early on, and was told to go handle some siege at Crägholdt. When I went, I ran into some crazy fights with large groups of merceneries, which I could not handle, and had to back away from that to go do something else. Something else wound up being the Endless Paths of Od Nua. I got my party all the way to the bottom level by character level 10, and handled the fight with the spirit of Od Nua just fine. Well, anybody who's gotten that deep knows what's on the next level—a nearly impossible fight with an ancient dragon. These giant leaps in difficu
  8. I found exploring the lore through dialogue and reading books to be sufficient. But I did fart around way too long before actually going into Defiance Bay and realizing that's where the main quest line was! I got my stronghold fully upgraded way before I finished act 2.
  9. I finally finished the choke point into act 3, and when I go to travel to Twin Elms, I get the dialog box shown. I have no idea what "critical path" is, or what increasing it will actually do. Is the critical path the main story quests, something to do with critical hits in combat, or something else? Worse, I have no idea which button does what! Does "High Level" mean I will continue with my party at its current level, and "Standard" that something will be changed, or does "High Level" mean the difficulty level will be raised somehow, and "Standard" means to keep going as things are?
  10. I may have sold a unique item I now want to have, but I don't remember who I sold it to. I know there is a console with commands, I looked it up on the wiki but didn't find anything that seemed useful, so I figured I would ask here. Is there any kind of "who has this item" command?
  11. Ah yes, it's a subtle gradient that I wasn't seeing before. I was expecting the name text to be bright yellow or some such.
  12. Ah, cool, thanks for the info. I haven't noticed a difference in the nameplate colors, which I did see a load-screen hint about. Maybe it's too subtle for my eyes to see!
  13. So I've been playing the game for a bit now, and I keep running into these people who I can look into, and I get a little vision that's like a short short story. But they don't seem to have any impact on the broader story of quests & side quests. However, one NPC did comment that I gain powers as a Watcher by looking into people's souls. So, is this something that gives me some hidden XP, or is it just for flavor? Sometimes I'm really intent on a quest or task and skip these, so now with that NPC's comment I worry that I am missing out on some key aspect of character development....
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