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  1. Well, i said in my initial post that resistances can work as well, but in my opinion those still should be very strong and severely punish you if you choose to ignore them. The point should be that using weapons that get around said resistance isn't just something that makes the fight (even) easier but has a big impact of the difficulty of the entire encounter. Possibly so much that it becomes necessary on the high difficulty settings. Otherwise what is the point if you can just ignore it and use your regular tactic to prevail? That said I'm still in favor of full immunities. Having certai
  2. 2 Spells would be all that is needed for now, a "Breach" like spell that removes spell protection and a "dispel" like spell that removes other immunities. At later spell levels (above 6) another layer could be added. For now all that is needed is that NPC mages can start combat protected and you then have to choose if you want to use up time to cast counterspells or help your party.
  3. !!! Long Post ahead !!! Though I enjoy PoE tremendously and believe it is a better game then BG it still falls short of being as good as BG2 for a variety of reasons. This thread's purpose is to collect the communities gripes with the game's mechanics and design as it is atm and to collect our suggestions for changes in the upcoming expansions or sequel. Ideally I'd want Obsidian to use the expansions as a chance to do a partial revamp of PoE and retroactively enhance the vanilla game, though of course I have no clue how much of this is doable. Some rules first. 1.) I want this to be a
  4. What? Change to an entirely different engine? And throw all the already created assets out of the window? Basically start at 0 again? Brilliant! I bet Obsidian loves wasting money.
  5. PoE, Wasteland 2 and Divinity all? Weird, I am/was playing all of those just fine. Thus my opinion that you're overreacting.
  6. Since you weren't belligerent enough in your previous posts and also didn't use enough ! and ? you will have to wait. If you can tune it up by 50% the devs will conjure up a patch just for you.
  7. I know it's a joke but it might as well be true. The way how many of the complaints on this forum contradict each other or criticize mechanics that would cause a ****storm from other fans if removed are driving me nuts. Obsidian just can't win it seems.
  8. Oh god, I'm both crying and laughing. The absurdity... "Won't somebody please help them? They don't know how to do it themselves!!" Ah, but actually you don't have to worry iirc. I believe BAdler posted yesterday that they intend to do an update today, so by now it's probably just a few more hours.
  9. Wie du an den Icons unter meinem Portrait sehen kannst bin ich Kickstarter Backer, ich habe das Spiel also schon seit Jahren vorbestellt. Ansonsten musst du selber wissen ob dich das zu sehr stört dass die Stimmen auf englisch sind. Ich hab vor langer Zeit mit 13-14 Baldurs Gate 2 komplett auf englisch gespielt, bin klar gekommen und hab dabei besser Englisch gelernt als in der Schule.
  10. "I saw some videos and didn't like the UI, this up to 100 hours long RPG is clearly not worth $45!" ... Ok.
  11. Well, now that things have been clarified it seems the problems are not really the game's fault. Had me really puzzled too. Since, like others likewise mentioned, CTDs were really rare for me throughout the beta.
  12. I think you are completely wrong and have bad taste. Descriptive text like that sets up the entire scene in your mind and provides detailed information that would be insanely expensive to animate ingame. Like already mentioned, PS:T used this as well and is widely loved for it's narrative.
  13. Wow, one more to add to the growing list of "core" things Obsidian has omitted and thereby cruelly betrayed their promise of a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate. Pickpocketing.... check!
  14. I believe it's just that the GOG one is more up to date. Before Obsidian was entirely sure about the system requirements one approximation was put up and many sites picked that up as official. The 20GB come from that, now it's actually closer to said 14GB. IIRC, so if I remembered it wrong someone correct me.
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