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  1. Where's the Signed Collector's Edition? I got more money since I backed Pillars of Eternity and I'm ready to spend it on you guys.
  2. I did like MEA's exploration. It reminds me of the old ME in a better The bugs are a killer though. Had I not learned to live with New Vegas I don't think I could have tolerated MEA's release bugs. The flying around as the Tempest explored new locations was cool at first, but gets draggy. They really should have allow a toggle option to skip all those flying between points of interest - waste of time after the 1st hour.
  3. Actually ... I was looking for / asking about the first part of that Caed Nua track ... Thanks for responding. I had hoped to play it a bit on my mobile phone but since the in-game music file is in Ogg I had to sidestep that file format issue.
  4. I've been digging through the released POE soundtrack for a specific music piece without success, so it is with reluctance that I am asking for assistance from fellow POE players to identify a soundtrack that I believe I would very much enjoy listening to. I could't find a youtube video that plays that particular piece (yet) so I can't offer a link. However for those who have access to the full Makings of POE documentary "The Road To Eternity", it is the piece that plays at the documentary's ending credits (at time: 1:23:03). Will really appreciate any assistance that is offered.
  5. Forgot about the documentary until I saw a post on Steam, then realized the recent 1.5 GB down was it! Of all the things I feel about the documentary I just want to point out one particular scene that really stood out for me: At the 11 minute mark, when Josh Sawyer was talking about backers calling Obsidian out for "just making stuff up" and his expression when he tugged at his T-shirt collar and went "Neyeeaah!" was so ... I really feel like taking a snapshot of Josh at that moment and putting it on my mobile for easy viewing to chuckle over whenever I need something to cheer me up ... And there's one thing I want to ask the other backers who got the documentary: What is the name of the music track that was playing as the credits for the documentary roll (starting 1:23:03)? I've been sifting through the soundtrack several times to pin that track down without success.
  6. I suppose it might make a difference if you use your Pally to soak up traps you didn't/can't disarm ...
  7. I (insert self-derogatory expletive). I am struggling on Normal I think I should restart with a new char on Easy Difficulty since I love the story/exploration more.
  8. Kindly read the related pinned thread on top of the General Discussion forum Here is a link: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71574-redeeming-keys-and-rewards-how-to/
  9. Sarkus got the idea. A final timely update before PoE's release is crucial or Obsidian will face a backlash. Look at ourselves on Obsidian's forum. Just a day ago we were spamming the forums about key availability and preload and whatever - and all that were coming from the regular forum goers who has been keeping in touch with Obsidian. Imagine that right now we still had not received anything about keys yet: The forum here would be filled with fire and other unmentionables from us "informed" backers. A simple "quick and dirty" update will go a long way towards appeasing the uninformed backers still F5-ing the Kickstarter website. Another reason I want Obsidian to take action about this is that if Obsidian plans for another Kickstarter, Obsidian's perceived actions (or lack thereof) now will impact the next Kickstarter's reception. Those who had felt slighted now may bite back the second time round, and I definitely do not want that. Hopefully, Brandon or someone else will put up a update fast. If not, I fear this oversight may come back to haunt Obsidian's immediate future. ................................................................................................................................................. Oh good, Finally Update #92 is up by Josh and Brandon!
  10. It's basically damage control. To a person unaware of the happenings here at Obsidian's forum, a quick glance at the Kickstarter page will reveal: 1. The game is supposed to release in less that 24 hours 2. The last official update was 2 weeks ago 3. There has been no recent comments from the developers on the Kickstarter page, only scattered comments from backers here/there about getting keys There will be uninformed backers that will feel snubbed and betrayed by the developers when the truth is mostly the opposite. An uninformed backer may quickly skim the comments sections looking for signs of developer feedback (I believe developer posts are highlighted), and seeing nothing, conclude that the developer has not kept faith with them. Please don't say the backers should be intelligent enough to check the link to Obsidian (blah blah blah), it does not help. If we really are so superior, we should be able to lower ourselves down to the level of those below us so we can understand their concerns. A simple comment by a developer on the Kickstarter can go a long way. That is all I ask.
  11. I know you guys are busy trying to smooth out the launch in the last hours, but I can't help but voice my concern. Not for myself (I've been watching Obsidian forum like a hamster hungry for eyeballs), but for the backers who are not clued into the updates at Obsidian's forums. One could say that its the backers' own fault for not keeping abreast of the updates, but that's not a helpful line of thought here at this point Instead of pointing blame, we should try to resolve the situation amiably (to the backers that felt wronged) to minimize ill-feelings over the perceived lack of updates on the Kickstarter page at this crucial junction. I'm a Paypal backer so I have no access to the Kickstarter comment page, but I think it will make a big difference to those Kickstarter backers that are watching the Kickstarter page if a Developer could post even a short informative comment there.
  12. I redeemed my own key on my Steam account, gotten so used to Steam ... The buddy whom I freely offered my extra key to, however, asked for GOG instead (I'm glad I asked him to confirm - didn't even know he had a GOG account).
  13. ISnt that the best thing a developer could ask for. But man this march is just insane with so many great stuff coming out. It is probably even a pretty bad time to realse such a huge RPG. In the last 5 days: Final Fantasy Type Zero (FFXV demo) Life is Strange ep 2 Game of Thrones ep 3 Bloodborne Pillars of eternity. How can I play all this.... I don't recognise all those names before Pillars of Eternity ...
  14. Not a chance! If Obsidian cares about our mental well-being, they can start by releasing the keys NOW!
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