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  1. Exactly, because it has had great success I think to the his future. Soon will come out other tactical rpg and probably they will be 3d. I think this Obsidian, has taken into reckoning.
  2. Why it would not be well thought out excuse? I only made a suggestion for the future. A 3d engine easy to use and probably cheap. To me Dragon Age 2 and 3 are crap. I like PoE, i like its lore, I like his ruleset. I do not see why I should go somewhere else, as I suggest someone.
  3. the charm does not, the graphics engine But developers with their creativity
  4. I think of the future. Probably next Eternity will be 2D But the further, will have to deal necessarily with the times. Not everyone loves the 2d, we are a narrow niche, but you have to think that there are millions of players who now only appreciate the 3D and Obsidian works not only for passion but also for money and must extend its users.
  5. For revolutionary mean that with the 3d and physics can make a totally different gameplay. Medieval what? I guess you did not see well.
  6. Wait, do you want me say that Divinity Original Sin it's garbage?
  7. But Obsidian has already worked in the past with the 3d and successfully. I do not understand all these fears. NWN2 is all stuff them.
  8. Pre-renders let you do the same thing but it is less resource intensive for the end user. Yes, but you have limits. With the 3D you can open many possibilities such as the management of physics. Watch Divinity Original Sin, with the prerender certain things they would not have been able to achieve.
  9. You know,of course, I thought about it immediately. But I made the suggestion for a future,from here to five years. I know perfectly well that they should overturn everything. But if they wanted to go to the 3d, seemed me like a great start.
  10. What is so nice in the Infinity or Unity? That recreate the atmosphere full of details, right? So, the engine of Sui Generis gave me the same feeling
  11. They could lock the camera, is not a problem. why not? What are you afraid ?
  12. Take a look The reason why I proposed this engine is just because I seem to have the same feeling Infinity E I'll not post anymore pictures or video, I do not plan to advertise their Project. I was interested only give a hint, an idea.
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