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  1. That's all really. I've missed this genre of game for so long. Never understood why it was essentially abandoned (with the exception of Dragon Age). Love the story... keep it going. I'll throw more money at you. Moogoo
  2. Thanks for that info. That's certainly a lot more doable than paying $120.
  3. I have to say that the Baldur's Gate series and Icewind Dale series are my absolute favorite PC games of all time. I was very excited to hear about Pillars of Eternity and was very anxious to provide monetary support, but I was shocked that it took an excess of $100 pledge to get access to the Beta. I did the Early Access for Divinity: Original Sin at $35 and with that you got the full game at release as well as access to the Alpha and Beta and that game was amazing. Pledging to a game in which you have so little to go on other than a concept (no actual game footage) is asking a lot, but I feel that Beta access should be granted at a far lesser amount than what is currently being asked. I feel that a $50 pledge would be a far more fair amount for a Beta access. I know some people are interested in the knick knacks such as music and maps and action figures, but perhaps they should make it more of a shopping cart thing. You pick n choose what you want and each item has a value and then you simply pledge for what you want. My point is... I would be completely willing to pledge up to $50 for this game (sight unseen) if I got Beta Access, but since you have to pledge far more and I'm already promised the full game at release at $35, I don't really have any incentive to go any higher than that. As a result they lose out on $15 or even $20. I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels that way either so the amount of missed revenue could be monumental. Of course they could already be rolling in it and careless
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