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  1. If there is a roadblock of any sort, e.g. narrow corridor or doorway or party member in front, companions in the back will "jump" or "dance" trying to get to the front to complete their assigned action. This happens mostly in combat but can happen traversing areas if the back companions are told to move while the front ones are stationery.
  2. If you refer to your journal the quests and tasks lists will point you where you have to go when you don't remember.
  3. Also companion dialogue often gives clues in this game.
  4. Based on the lore in POE the White March was inhabited by master craftsman dwarves and the white forge was the epitome of their craft. So I doubt it would be tied to the Engwithians and their soul machines. Hopefully, it will expand on the lore of other races from that time period. Also, the lore implies that the area was bleak and inhospitable which further implies an arctic setting. The settlements there would have very tough and hardy inhabitants to survive in such conditions.
  5. I talked to him in Sun in Shadow and closed it there on my first run through because I kept forgetting to talk to him before that. I have taken my alzheimer meds and remember better now.
  6. You can find a pair of Gauntlets of Accuracy but I don't remember just where or if they are tied to a particular day drop.
  7. The only category that you can overwrite with higher enchants is the Quality of the item. In the other two categories the cost is the same for all enchants.
  8. Have you checked Otherside Entertainment's site for the info on the successor to Ultima Underworld Titled Underworld Ascendent? Sounds like the world they are building will be very similar to your wish.
  9. She is in Woodend Plains in the right edge center of the map just above the road. On my sixth play-through and she is always there.
  10. Only after you complete the quests the gods give you and pray to them again will the dialogue options to finish the quest occur. Usually you will see a talk icon on Durance after exiting the Elms Reach temple.
  11. After killing Pelham have you tried clicking on the breastplate and moving it to a character's inventory instead of letting it go into the stash when looting the bodies?
  12. Songsmith Roska is not in the ruins but in the NW area of the map. Sometimes you have to load another area (go into ruins) then load back in to make her appear.
  13. You can also see how much room you have left for enchantments by looking at the little icon on the info sheet that looks like an anvil with numbers like 2/12.
  14. The arrow hits the initial target then passes straight through to the next target if there is an enemy behind the initial target. Just as in real life arrows do not fly in a curve.
  15. If you are relying on the info in the strategy guide got bad news for you. The guide is wrong in several instances as to dialogue choices. This conversation is one of them. Another is in Heritage Hill. Possibly changes were made to the game after the guide was finalized.
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