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  1. Hello, is there a option to lower the XP? I don’t want to spoil the whole game...
  2. Hey there, I was wondering if they finally fixed the difficulty in Poe II? I am of Baldurs Gate veteran and found on my first playthrough eternity very easy even on difficult mode. Haven’t tried potd yet. I wonder if they ever intended the game to be difficult . Seems to me that they wanted to attract a more leisure gaming audience.
  3. Hey are there any special unique armors for monks. I personally dont like breastplates etc.
  4. Hey peeps, will there be Nvidia Geforce Experience support for Deadfire?
  5. Has there been any work done on new standart fighting animations for POE II? Iam not talking about motion capture or highly choreographed martial arts as in Tekken. Though animations seem to me quite old and outdated (take the unarmed strikes from monks for example). I only see shiny new spell content
  6. Hey there, i played Monks in Baldurs Gate I & II as well as POE. So I wonder if there will finally be new animation for POE II? Does not have to be high end martial arts.
  7. Hey guys i want to raise my difficulty setting to high level scaling for the white march I. I am now level 10-11 and fights are way to easy even on Hardmode. What do i have to change in the console to make it happen? I havent installed Part II yet and i already entered Act III where i was asked to high level scaling. Which I accepted.
  8. Hey guys, how do i start Zahuas Quest in Expansion II? Greets Jules
  9. Hey Aarik, here are the files https://www.filefactory.com/file/2w1k8vun6dz/Poelog.zip I have the very same error as Electricleash but only intalled the patch...
  10. Same here I just downloaded patch 3.0 and i cannot load anything anymore. Even my mousecourser is gone after the loading process!
  11. Hey, i have a really hard time getting rid of the Alphine Dragon. I read several forums strategies bot they only work partly. My strategie is to go with everyone on the right corner. Here im really fast done with the icemob. Eder on the the left side has is buffed with health potions and Defensives to keep the dragon busy. After the icemob i go down the Entrance and to cast with the mage and Priest Eye of Adragan,Scroll of Stunning etc. to lower his Reflex. But its only on for like 5 sec.. So there is no way i can attack with direct dps. Any clues?
  12. I keep having ploblems with Kanas Chanting. Sometimes he chants songs which are not even in my song list. Or he doenst chant at all. Also my inventory for Kana seems totaly bugged. I have two A Slots.
  13. Recently one of my companions died in Galvinos Workshop. Now that i hired a new one and when i enter Galvinos Workshop all of her items keep disappearing as soon as i hit the inventory! Also many traps disappear which at are still set and and I get wired info from the infolog when i enter the workshop.
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