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  1. Hi, Savage Attack gives -5 accuracy twice, i.e. total -10 accuracy.
  2. Hey Aarik D Thanks. It makes these gloves useless for my party. Also i think this property should work in reverse manner from intelligence, i.e. with higher intelligence number radius should be smaller.
  3. I have suggestion Twin Sting dose two sequential shots each with own atack animation and without reloading, not simultaneous shots like Twinned Arrows or blunderbuss shot. It would be in agreement with Twin Sting description.
  4. Do's twing sting shot with two charges really, i.e. potential double damage? There is no 2 charges property in description unlike it's for example for bluderbuss.
  5. Hi guys. I found gloves "Countess choise" in the Stalvart Mines (WM2). These gloves have passive ability "Loner". I do't understand how this ability work exactly. There are not any aura effects from it on my party members during combat. Also it's writeen in gloves description all effects have duration 3 secs. What event from? Could you clarify this ability properties an why aura effects are not visible on party members?
  6. I have the same issue with cost for durgan steel. Before WM2 it was 2 ignots for 1 steel.
  7. BMac Hi. Last advise resolved this issue. Thanks . Unfortunately folder "..\CurrentGame" was empty.
  8. I support this entirely. I cannot play game even after fresh windows installation. It is very strange. Save removing/deleting dos't help.
  9. DxDiag.txtoutput_log.txt Hi, Aaric D Grafics card driver was updated yestaday before PoE update.
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