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  1. Just logged in 3.02. It seems that this synergy (not sure it was ever intended) is now gone. I think most people probably expected this as it was pretty powerful. My barb build now only shows damage from the knives. I haven't tested it with a Monk's suffering yet, but I imagine it's gone for them too...
  2. Hmm not sure I really understand wounding. Been playing a bit with dual drawn in springs. How are you able to tell that it stacks on top of itself? I noticed the duration was sometimes at close to 10 sec, probably due to my sky high int on my barb. The rolling damage never seems to go above 5 damage or so though. Shouldn't I be noticing the DOT numbers go up if it stacks?
  3. Is drawn in spring really that much better dps than dual sabres? Even on low DR? I like to run a dual barb setup and try to mix-max for dps. Wondering now if I should reload an old save and dupe that dagger instead...
  4. I've not come across the +4 int ring. It's been mentioned on this thread a few times. Anyone got any idea where it might be? I almost missed the +4 dex boots in the avalanche area. I'm wondering if I missed the ring somewhere...
  5. I've just finished WM1 and bound the souls of the Dwarves to the forge, as I understood it should only cost 2 ingots to refine. I seem to have two identical entries on my enchanting page for efficient ingots both of which cost 3 durgan ingots to craft. http://imgur.com/tfDFHnD Wondering if this is a bug?
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