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  1. Nakia, just seen your post. I must be blind! Looking at the sector map, I only saw the other two drakes. This might be a monitor problem, I ordered a new monitor and graphics card yesterday. My next problem is getting to Twin Elms, I've been running around waiting for access to that part of the map, I'm not aware of anything I 've left undone that would get me there. Unless it involves going back to Grimda - I'm afraid I get attacked when I try,because of a theft quest I agreed to do long ago, hope that isn't a big issue. Maybe it will change now I've buried the scroll?
  2. Thanks, Nakia, that's fine, although my party is currently on the other side of Defiance Bay and about to head East! Next time I'm near Ondra's Gift, I'll track it down. And thanks, Fardragon ... I wonder what's in that chest in the Vaalian store?
  3. Thanks, I found it immediately after my post, hence adding the second line.
  4. There's a post about this in April ("Fortanero's Fortune"), which doesn't mention the chest's location. Marceno says it will be dreadful if the chest is opened. Theres a chest in the Vaalian store which is apparently full of live things - I wondered if this were Marceno's, but got no prompts, and you can't open it; back to Marceno, no new dialogue options. If this isn't the right chest, perhaps someone can give a me a pointer - not the location. There was a clue that someone had been seen taking a chest East, but I haven't come across it.
  5. I took the scroll to Black Meadow, one of the two drake's skulls - the one near the centre of the map - gave me some loot, neither gave me a burial option. What did I miss?
  6. Call me silly, but I can't find a chest in the Great Hall where booty from minor quests is meant to be. Help! Oops, yes, I am silly, I clicked on Stealth in the weaponry and found the chest.
  7. Thanks, I've returned the parts to the nest and talked to a spirit elsewhere, no advice there, I'll keep checking until I find the right people.
  8. marchlord, that's not my experience - the information hasn't been sufficient on several quests, in retrospect I should have made notes.
  9. I've had to cut and run with Raedric & Caed Nua (lvl 9) then gone elsewhere until I could return with higher levels, better armour and weaponry. Fine with me, the difficult fights helped me refine my tactics, which has been useful with even harder battles elsewhere.
  10. HI. I've cleared all levels, there's a door on 13 with (presumably) souls behind it who chant "Beneath stone and weight of years rests one who would slay Death." I've given four response options: in short, 1. seeking Master Below; 2. stopping Od Nua's reign; 3. I am X, rightful lord of Caed Nua; 4. An explorer. None are acceptable to those behind the door; I can't force it, and (it says) there are no obvious means of opening it. Is this stats related? I.e., might I get more options with particular stats? Or have I missed something somewhere which would give me the right option? Any great loss from not opening the door? Please adsvice.
  11. Thanks, I thought she must be in a church/shrine-type site, off to the Palace.
  12. Hope this isn't a double post - when I sought to go back to the board after attempting to post I got an admin messgae "Sorry .. can't post again for 23 seconds" - don't know what that's about - back to the Forum, no sign of my post. So, I have somwething for Fryga in Defanc eBay, but can't remember her location (yes, I should make notes), please advise.
  13. Hi, I've been running around, need to take something to Fyrga in DB, but have forgotten her location. Please advice.
  14. THanks, I appeared to have a problem when I sought to post this earlier, re-posted before I saw this.
  15. My party is in Dyrford. I've belatedly realised that I can hire troops to guard the Stronghold. I hired five some battles and camps ago. Now I find that they haven't been paid. How do I pay them? Do i need to return to the Stronghold, and if so need it be ASAP? I'd rather complete outstanding quests here first. Thanks. [Edit] Ooops! I appeared to have a problem when I tried to post earlier - I was told I couldn't post again in such a short time, although I hadn't posted for a long time. After I'd returned and re-posted, I saw that my post was below, with answers.
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