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  1. Yes to all of those! I just think it would be amazing to see the first person type old school duneons translated into an iso dungeon. While I love my Bard's Tales, Eye of the Beholder's, Wizardry's, etc isometric is my all time fav group based RPG view. Grimoire just had an update, and he claims to be down to 7 bugs so far. Anything is possible!
  2. Play it. It's a game that begs to be played a few times. It's in great shape and I haven't seen any bugs.
  3. I'd give anything for a Wizardry or Bard's Tale type dungeon... like, one without a map, no magic areas, poison areas, teleport tiles, pitch black areas etc... something that REALLY challenges you on a whole new (or should I say really old) level. That is, make the actual dungeon an enemy... make it twist and turn. To solve it you go down 3 stairs then back up two, down one etc etc multi level puzzles and the like. What I wouldn't give for a modern isometric take on those types of dungeons... oh, and fill the dungeon with NPCs, quests, lore etc... I know this goes against every modern idea th
  4. No, Obsidian wouldn't/couldn't say no to a new sequel to South Park after the success the first one was. It was their most successful game, no? I have zero interest in playing a RPG-lite made by Rocksmith developers. They know f all about the genre. I pre-ordered the game years in advance for one reason, I love Obsidian. Feels like a horrible betrayal TBH. Most likely, they just want to make a cheap sequel to cash in, but I can't believe gamers don't seem to understand that developers MATTER. Imagine your fav band makes an amazing album, then the record company gets some ****ty in house ban
  5. Or is it the beta version people are using? Would not be surprising if it was a bug or whatnot that some people's version isn't updating. So, can anyone fill me in?
  6. It's a merchant that easily bounced back vs. people that are so down and out they forgive you killing their cousins. They literally were just average citizens a short time ago, not hardened thugs. Some day, some of you may experience hard ships and you'll find yourselves of the other side of this equation THEN we'll see how quickly your "opinion" changes.
  7. BTW, on the subject at hand. My goodness what a great game!!! I'd love it if they did what Divinity:OS did, which it fund the game themselves but do a Kickstarter for extra features. I love my collectors box and would eagerly help get another game made. I really hope this nonsense didn't affect Obsidian like it did DoubleBear. Too many devs are being butchered by impudent twerps... Here's to hoping PoE jumps back up the sales list. BTw 2, what are we at, sales-wise? Anyone know?
  8. I'm not commenting on the politics of any particular discussion, but if you think a third party created an injustice, don't let them create another one by denying you the enjoyment of the game on top of it. Whatever politics abound, it's still a game, you own it, and it would be a shame if you let someone else deprive you of its use. I know tempers are running hot on this issue, but I just hope you reconsider and at least give the game a shot. Hell, even if you really love it, I'm not saying come back and praise the game. Keep complaining if you want, but at least get the use of the product yo
  9. I know I'm late but... are people saying Shadowrung: Dragonfall sucks...? Really? As for the next Kickstarter... Wheel of Time? But I'm just a long time reader (like '95 or something) so I'd kill for an Obsidian-made RPG based on the series... which is in the works, but could probably use some more cash.
  10. As part of the majority that voted yes I can only say... WTF!!!!!!!! I've been "teased" before, but usually I'd be buying you drinks beforehand. That just came out of nowhere. Can we at least get DLC/expansions that contain the elements you wanted to stretch goal?? Problem then is, that none of it is build into the main game and can't be used to fill it out. Companions can, at least, be somewhat added in, but wilderness areas need to be a part of the base game. I kind of understand, but again, you guys brought up the idea. We WANT to give you guys more money if you're willing to flesh the gam
  11. I've backed a ton of games on KS and have enjoyed almost all of them to some degree. If you haven't tinkered around with Shadowrun Returns editor or at least played some mods, you are missing out on about 50% of the content. The editor and mods were a big part of the KS project. Hell, there are plans in place to recreate the SNES and Genesis games AND translate large parts of the pen and paper game into a super big campaign. BTW, you only gotta watch the new trailer for Dragonfall for any doubts about Shadowrun Returns to dissipate. As for PoE, I had no idea anyone had doubts. It is looking li
  12. I'm all for more wilderness areas first, and companions second. The more companions you have, the more adventure areas you need. I know some are concerned with the game getting done on time, but I say TAKE YOUR TIME! I have yet to finish tons of games. I am in no hurry to get any more games on my plate, no matter how amazing (and this game is just what I love). A large wilderness makes it easier to hide various locations in. It multiplies the feeling of exploration many times over. As for companions, that is one area Obsidian is known for. By all means, take our money and give us MOAR!!!!
  13. Recovering from being sick feels so good.

  14. Great ideas all around. I like the idea of certain chest having a random sampling of a certain set of armor. That's exactly the thing. Chests must matter. When you open a chest, especially a hard to find/hard to open/hard to get to one, you want a minimum of at least something memorable, if not wildly useful. Sure, barrels and pots can have all the random garbage you'd expect to find in an RPG, but you want too much randomness. The whole loot obsession was born out of the Diablo and Sacred type games. Ones more attuned to mindless clicking and little to no story. The thinking (wo)man
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