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  1. I am drawing blank on Durgan enhancement. I looked up the gambeson. Not sure I understand what's good about it.
  2. I never had a rogue, but I assume two Drawn in Spring would be good? Also I use a Pally tank and Chanter off-tank. What are the good one-hand/shield combinations. Should I put off-tank into heavy armor? What are best armors for tanking?
  3. I finished the main game long ago. I just got the expansions and noted that the fights are significantly harder. This brings me to my questions. I got oodles of items. My characters are wearing pretty much whatever, since the original game was not very hard. I just looked to avoid too much suppression. My group is Paladin, Monk (those Blood gloves do they even do anything?), Priest, Druid, Chanter, Cipher. Also I got an item that duplicates other items. Is there any particular item I should use it on?
  4. Oh my god! I am open to all hints and suggestion. I know that you can talk your way out of fighting it, but I want to fight it. The main issue seems the insane defense, I can't land any CC on her.
  5. So I ran into this bunch of somber characters while doing the PotD run. I was at level 10 and fairly confident I could handle it. I did not even get to kill one of them before they wiped my party out. So what should I do the next time? I prefer to do it with Barbarian, Fighter, Druid, Chanter, Ranger and Cipher.
  6. Thanks, it finally worked. A curious thing about the master staircase on Level 1. Once you get there from level 3, you do not need to push the brick for the wall to open in order to use the staircase from the outside the wall.
  7. May be I am doing something wrong but I have a PotD barbarian main and have found no reasons to not like it. I am also running without a priest b/c Durance is just too annoying to keep around.
  8. So I got my Resolve/Intellect/Perception to 16/14/16. Nothing. Do you know which prostitute (if any) gives +2 Int? Update Soooooo. The requirement (for my character, in case it's different for some others, Orlan Barbarian with High Cruelty, Deception and Aggressive) is 17 Perception to notice the accent and 17 Resolver to be able to address it. The prostitute that give +2 Int, +2 Perception and +1 Lore, is a human guy upstairs, near the club entrance. I had to buy a dragon egg to get to 17, but luckily it was enough with an Inn buff. But more interestingly, once Eder found out wher
  9. On the map in the guide there're 3 hidden rooms in the N corner of the third level of the Endless Paths. But I see no triggers to open it except may be the statue near them, but there's no appropriate dialogue. Also on Level 1 in the west there's a closed arch, also without a visible way to open. On he guide map there's a staircase there.
  10. My un-buffed stats Resolve 11, Perception 12, Intellect 14. I am not sue what combination of gear and buffs can get me to 16/16/14. I tried with 15/16/14, did not work.
  11. I killed quite a few locals where I though nobody would notice, especially those gold-named ones, they drop good loot. I suspected there's a hidden rep loss to that. When there was a choice in ending a quest I chose the ones that gave me max rep with D.B I think I got at least one Extraordinary. As far as the conversation with the librarian goes, there are only two options except Leave, one is to threaten, which he scoffs at and the other is to beg, which he refuses to accept.
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