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  1. Thanks guys! Well, if Obsidian released DLC, where companions trip form the hold to pursue their stories - count me in.
  2. spoiler warning Hi, I don't like/ have time to perform multiple runs in the game, but I would like to squeeze most from the story. I finished Aloth, Eder and Kana quests. I thought that it is good idea to leave them in the hold, and take new characterless to the party. But then I heard that there is more in their stories. Is that true? It there any guide where should I take each companion to explore their stories farther?
  3. Hmm, it is misleading; I interpreted it as "you got 1560 exp, but if you had done better (dig dipper, use other dialog options) you would have earn 2340 exp. Btw. are quests graded? Is it possible to do quest in a way that generates different exp. rewards?
  4. Hi, I have Pillars Of Eternity, Linux edition, bought in gog.com Game is playable, but I encounter two rather serious problems with quests. 1) Readrics Hold. I did big part of this quest, but stop before confronting Readric in the Throne Room. (I thought - let's wait till I have better stats so I could use more dialog options). After finishing few quests in the Defiance Bay and in the Caed Nua, I got back to the keep. Played dialog and killed Readric. The quest is not finished and the Journal says that I had to confront Readric. 2) Cinders of faith. I acquired this quest in the F
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