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  1. While I'm pretty certain you haven't read much of the thread, I'd disagree. If you killed everyone (or nearly, leaving one shopkeeper alive you'd make the maximum amount of money possible. Afterall there are many houses you can't loot unless you kill it's occupants. And that trash loot starts to add up real fast. Y'know the more I think about it, the more I want to start killing every quest giver once I complete their quest, just to see how much I can make in the end. Up until now I just kill the odd one, as bearmode demands it.
  2. What if I'm roleplaying a Druid that loses control of his actions when in bearform? Or just a psychopath that only feels joy when he has blood on his face and gold in his hands? Roleplaying is what you put into it, especially in a game like this. It's not like the actions in my game affects the action in yours. The important thing is to have fun playing the game your way. My initial post was asking you all whether or not I'd be able to finish the game based on my psycho-murder saved game. Besides I didn't murder everyone. I mean, if I kill the vendors how will I spend my gold on shiny loots? I have since created a new game and am playing it smarter. I now generally just kill people that are hostile to me. Sometimes I make them hostile to me, but usually only after I've completed their quest.
  3. Well, I would've done, but you don't get the option if you send the Valtas girl first Aldwin seemed quite upset with himself that he couldn't resist eating her (First playthrough I saved them all - this time, my PC is a bit cruel ) I like your style! But I haven't come across this Valtas girl yet; I'm satisfied with the prisoners getting eaten. Regarding the Grieving Mother, I chose not to add her to my party this time around (mainly because I didn't want to click through the 1001 dialogue messages before I could add her). My party was full and I was feeling a bit lazy. I suppose I should go get her and send her to defend my castle.
  4. I'm starting to get there too, Rhaedic's Hold (sp?) has been a major cash increase. The further I go, the more cash I'm getting. The reactions to my initial mass-murder defense seemed to indicate if you do the quests you'll be Oprah rich in no time. I still find the quests don't really provide much for cash, mainly I get my monies from looting stuff while DOING the quests. I have yet to do any bounties, I find I rush to my castle to defend it from bandits. I can't stand the idea of losing ANY gold to would be thieves (how DARE they!). Leaving the eight mercenaries I hired to take care of business turned out to be a wash, not to mention the upkeep I felt wasted on them. My gold... my precious gold... But yeah, loot aside the crafting system isn't the greatest. I also have good memories of BG1/BG2 in regards to first getting decent gear (mainly plate-mail). And in all fairness it's hard to live up to such legendary games that set the bar so high. I imagine they'll improve on crafting for PoE 2.
  5. Well, Aldwin had to eat something. The interesting thing is that he remarked (after he ate all three people-bisquits) that he should have saved two of them to eat later but that he was just too hungry.
  6. While I haven't beaten the game yet, I've done the first 2 chapters several times now with different characters. I've never been great at Baldur's Gate, Planescape or this game for that matter. But I find having two tanks (main character + one made from the inn) to absorb damage makes the game a lot easier to get by. As you said, when your fighter goes down that is it. You could otherwise get a ranger from the inn and make a Bear pet tank that works in the same way. Of course gear out your fighter with a sword and board and take tanky talents when levelling. I found using the hodge podge mix of companion characters to be too difficult for me on my first character (I hated Kana at the time). Now I generally make two inn characters and have three companions for the side quests and banter. Hope you have more success going forward!
  7. Hi, I was going to post this in General Discussion but then I figured it would include a couple of spoilers. This is less of a story and more of a satisfying recollection of something that happened in Heritage Hill. In regards to Icantha/Aldwins conflict; I decided to lie to Icantha's food and sent them up to feed Aldwin instead, and for my efforts I was rewarded with +1 Might and 5% endurance bonus, or something to that affect (I'm a ways beyond this now). There was a negative reputation included of course but that's never really bothered me much. I mostly did it because I found Icantha's actions more repulsive and I wanted to see how Aldwins situation was resolved (I let him "live" in the end). All in all I was very satisfied with how that played out and I am hoping for more such events as I play through the game (I'm only in Act III of my first playthrough). I didn't create an evil character, for the record. I'm more or less roleplaying a twisted Druid that loses control of his actions in Bear form, and deals with the consequences later. He's not exactly sane at this point, nor compassionate. Sometimes the bear just needs to take over and sort matters out. Granted, it wasn't the bear that lied and sent those prisoners to an alternative death. But it WAS the bears fault. Somehow. Between Aloth and myself lies a very fragile state of sanity. There have been casualties. How many of you sent the prisoners to Aldwin?
  8. Oh, I'm reformed. A changed man now. I barely kill anyone who isn't hostile! Except for the people on the top floor of the first inn. For some reason I had to kill them again. Beyond that I think I've handled myself pretty well. I'm nearly into Act 3, but I have to say, the money everyone else mentioned from doing quests really isn't all that high. I've done a lot of quests, including the main quests, and I've made less money than I had on my previous murdering playthrough. I loot everything, use stealth mode as much as I can, etc. That being said I noticed I had in fact killed some npcs that were part of the main questline, in my previous game. I'm assuming the cash comes flowing in once I get further in. That is what I keep telling myself to keep from killing annoying npcs. But in the same amount of time to hit this particular point, the mass murders definitely brought in more coin and satisfaction, at the cost of being unable to do future quests. On an unrelated note, did anyone else play for a long time and realize they hate their main character? I made a Druid this time around, instead of my traditional Warrior tank and while I love psycho bear mode, he seems pretty squishy.
  9. It's definitely entertaining to me, but I see your point. I'm trying a new game with less murders.
  10. I haven't had anyone downstairs in an inn become hostile yet, I usually quick save right before I attack, just in case. But of each top floor I've wiped out, after I go downstairs no one is hostile. Granted in the noble houses I mentioned earlier, once I killed a servant upstairs, everyone became hostile downstairs too. You're probably right about the money, I haven't made it that far. I just play the game differently is all, and apparently the wrong way. I shall have to adjust.
  11. Well that's good to know, among everything else mentioned by the others. I wouldn't call it trivial though, as I usually gather around 1000g per inn top floor. That's not bad for 7 dead npcs, and looting the chests. I understand you can collect a lot of gold by doing quests and what have you. I was just curious if I was creating a game that I would not be able to complete. And someone else mentioned that may be just the case. I suppose I should start over, as I've killed a lot of people. I don't think I've come across too many of the gold backer npcs. I killed two important noble families in a city; I actually found out I could have infilitrated one of the places by going in through a window with a grappling hook. I nearly went back and reloaded to do just that, but since I already looted the entire house I decided against it. Got to stick to a ruthless code. Thanks for all of the replies. In Divinity I really felt like I was playing the game wrong; I was starting to get that feeling in this one too. I love doing quests sometimes, but admittingly my ADD doesn't give me the patience usually. I love RPG games more than any other genre, and I will finish this game one way or another. I will just have to silence that urge to silence others, some of them anyway.
  12. Hi, I apologize if this has been asked before but I have a tendency to kill random npcs and loot their corpses and/or houses to make money. Civilians I mean, not just monsters. I rob from the rich and give to myself, I tend to kill the rich too, and the poor. Whomever really, I don't really have a system. I do keep the shopkeepers alive so I can buy and sell stuff, but I clear out every top floor of every inn I've come across and the coin/items in each have been great! I did this in Divinity Original Sin too, with weird consequences. But I did finish that game with some weird bugs. I have really been enjoying Pillars, and I love the Stronghold. I enjoy upgrading stuff, and the idea of bandits raiding my place if I don't get it properly defended makes me work hard to kill random npcs and loot their stuff. In Divinity, that affected the story in a few ways. Mainly in bugged side quest chains that auto completed, sometimes. Does Pillars have unkillable quest npcs? Or if I kill a quest giver, even though I don't yet know they're a quest giver, is the quest lost? I expect that to be the case, I just want to know if I'm going to be unable to complete the game due to a river of dead npc corpses. I'll be honest I get bored of the constant back stories using the soul feature, or what have you. I just put the sword icon over their heads and push the button. And coins come flying out. Granted, I do complete some quests. I listen to some npcs, but then my current Stronghold construction project gets completed and people need to die to pay for the next one. I'm only in Act II at the moment, and I killed some people in a temple to get a book for some elf lady. When I brought it back to her she commented on how she heard a lot of people died at the temple, and that was the first time my.. actions seemed to affect the story. Up to that point I figured the game didn't mind me killing every body. So.. should I keep going and slow down on my npc killing? Continue on with my blood frenzy, or restart altogether? In Divinity, I sort of felt bad about what I was doing. Not that it was wrong, but that the game didn't understand what I was doing. I rarely if ever got punished for it. In that game one faction would give me a quest to talk to or kill someone in another faction that I had already wiped out, which was awkward. I know there are consequences for my actions and that I probably should listen to as many npcs as I can on my first playthrough, but I find the lure of easy coin too much sadly. And I'm curious if I can get from start to finish with a lot of dead civilians paying for my castle. Sorry for rambling. TLDR; killing lots of civilians and possibly quest npcs to build my castle and hoard shiny loot, what do you think my fate will be?
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