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  1. Found answers to my own questions, finally. In case anybody else is struggling: Holster weapon by holding down the Reload button TAB opens in-game menus
  2. I'm just starting this game, and so far I admire the artwork and writing. A couple of ideas for the devs: It feels silly to have my gun out all the time, and it spoils screenshots. H is for Holster? So far I've not found access to in-game menus... changing weapons and armor, quest log, etc. Is there a key for menus besides Esc?
  3. I have the same problem! When Falanroed's health goes to zero, the game autopauses, screen fades to black, then nothing. I will try uploading the requested info... Well I'll be jiggered! As I was trying to work through all the steps in the How to Report post, I wound up back in the game and the issue then resolved itself. I can't guess what went wrong but I don't think it was a disk read because I can hear and see evidence of big disk reads normally. Also the CPU utilization was only 10% and memory use appeared minimal. Hmmm....
  4. I'm having a problem during combat since my hunter elected the 'Takedown' ability: an icon for the ability pops up over my character portrait (who is a monk... the hunter is in position 5) and after that I can't use any ability on my character or my neighbor, who is Eder. Under this curse, clicking on their portraits does nothing, and I don't see any of their abilities popping up as usual. Is there a way I can dump this ability until you can get it fixed? It's sort of hard in a hot fight to lose control of my tank and off-tank!
  5. Resolution is the name of a magic sword found on level 4 of Od Nua and used on level 3 to open a door. I noticed some issues: If you happen to have the sword equipped, it won't open the door as intended; I somehow wound up with two copies of this 'unique' sword; The connection between the sword and the door is obscure, especially if you do the two relevant levels on different days.
  6. Well, not knowing if there was another solution and being habitually unable to exercise patience, I went back to a save from yesterday evening and redid all of Level 5. Aaargh!
  7. I have the same problem on Level 6 of Endless Paths. Tried reloading. Party can't exit level. Character is stuck on bridge and won't budge with or without party. Camping did NOT help. I uploaded three savegame files, before and after, to http://theinfosite.org/PoE/ HELP! DxDiag.txtoutput_log.txtReport.txt
  8. One of my recruits has a voice that seems out-of-character to me. Is there a way I can redo the voice choice without sacrificing her level?
  9. In the southeast corner of the kitchen level is a small area reachable via a 'secret passage' from the lab in the dungeon. While exploring, two of my party of four slipped through a bricked-up doorway from the adjacent larger area into this smaller area. The other two members couldn't come through. My two characters who made the transition are now trapped in the secret area: they can't go back through the door nor down to the dungeon. I would send you the savegame file I just made but it's running on Steam and I have no clue where they hid the game data!
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