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  1. Missing tips suggestions: ENG: "NPCs with gold name plates were designed by our backers. Interacting with them will allow you to experience each one's unique history." PL: "NPC ze złotymi nazwami zostały zaprojektowane przez naszych sponsorów. Interakcja z nimi pozwoli Ci na poznanie ich unikalnych historii." ENG: "The tombstone icon indicates a memorial. These are personalized messages written by our backers. Many of them break the fourth wall, so players desiring complete immersion may wish to avoid clicking them." PL: "Ikona nagrobeku wskazuje memoriał. Są to indywidualne wiadomości n
  2. This two are translate, but have static string value, so it's bugged in all language versions.
  3. Missing word: "Obrażenia od: +10%" correct "Obrażenia od magii +10%"
  4. As I can't edit my post. Sometimes loading page tips are empty. Same no text in dialog box.
  5. When we get revard from Nedmar for free Giacco, and return to him after killing Readric, we have same text line about free Giacco, when we select it we get again 2 scrolls as reward.
  6. Missing translations: "Apply" - "Zastosuj" "Graphics Quality" - "Jakość grafiki" and text in prompt "Adjust the game's graphics quality. Use a lower settings if your game runs slowly." "Regulacja jakości grafiki w grze. Użyj niższego ustawienia, jeśli gra działa powoli." Missing translations: "Frame Rate Max" - "Maksymalna ilość klatek" and text in prompt "This will set a maximum frame rate the game will run at. Use this setting to set a maximum frame rate the game can run at to assist with overheating. This may also be limited by your monitor's refresh rate if vsync is enabled." Mi
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