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  1. polish version translation errors v2.03.788 GOG+white march part 1
  2. if main character is female there is bug in other npc class desc. Aloth Magiczka(incorrect) Mag (correct) Eder Wojowniczka(incorrect) Wojownik (correct} Durance Kapłanka(incorrect) Kapłan (correct) etc.
  3. postimage.org Thanks. Got Steam version and found a couple of translation bugs. (Second paragraph, should be "duszy" not "duszą"). (First word in description is "wyłowany" and should be "wywołany"). (Third paragraph. Second sentence. "Wampir" instead of "fampyr". fampyr is correct translation this is not bug
  4. And you would be right. Must be some strings that have either been changed late by Devs or not sent for translation. One more item in the Polish version, probably caused by the same reason, is the "Black Hound" - if you take it with you, he's highlighted as "Black Hound" instead of "Czarny Ogar". i found one more translation issue some books have too small fonts in book title and rare bug in visitor decripyion in fortress
  5. I have version from GOG Some words in polish ver. is not translated amount (eng) ilość (pl) translated but not show in polish in gui file enchant(eng) zaklinanie (pl) same area loot radius (eng) zasięg zbierania łupu (pl)(?) this words is not translated in gui file memories description is not translated in several areas:
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