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Question about encounter scaling post-White March

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Howdy all,


Long time no see. I've been off of this forum for the most part since finishing my playthrough of PoE and moving on to other games for a while. But the expansion is out, so I'm wondering... have there been any changes made to the lategame difficulty? Particularly Act III? Because in my playthrough on Hard, I felt hilariously overleveled during Act III and encountered very little challenge in the combat encounters. I remember reading that White March was going to have some scaling to keep it challenging for players regardless of when they start it, which is good... but what about the rest of the game after White March? Is there any point in leveling up to 14 (or whatever the new cap is) if the endgame encounters are the same difficulty? Would appreciate any info on this issue.



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Welcome back Matt, 


I believe level scaling extends to all encounters in the game. I remember reading something about players being able to scale the level of final act encounters if desired. 


Nifty. That's encouraging to hear.



Didnt Obs nerf XP like crazy too? Maybe you wont feel so "overleveled".


Dunno. As I said, I haven't been on the forums much since finishing the game. I remember them nerfing bounty XP, but nothing beyond that. And even then I still had no trouble hitting 12. Not that that's a problem, mind you - a lvl cap is only useful if the players can hit it, after all. The "overleveled" comment came from the fact that the final encounter was not balanced for a lvl 12 party.

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Hey. I believe level scaling only applies to new content, but Josh said on Tumblr that Sun In Shadow would also get the option to scale if you're high level.


Some of the new content (two bounties, a dragon fight, a dungeon) are specifically meant for high-level characters.


Plus A.I. has seemingly been improved upon.

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