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Any plans for fully customizable AI a la Dragon Age 1?

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Hello all,


Dropped into the game for a bit to check an old bug report, and I noticed the party AI had been implemented. Cool stuff. I especially like the fact that autoattack settings and class behavior are two separate settings.


That said - why not go further? One of the fighter's scripts (for example) says something along the lines of "will use knock down always, will use X ability if surrounded by more than 2 enemies, and will use Y ability if below 50% endurance". This is really cool. But if those disparate pieces are there... why not offer the player the option to set their own, completely customizable AI scripts? For an example of this, see the original Dragon Age or Final Fantasy XII. Both allowed the player to basically write their own scripts, using a hierarchical stack of commands that each have various conditions.


That wouldn't be for everyone - and the AI in place now is much better than nothing at all. But it would be quite nice if we could create our own AI scripts as well - perhaps as an "advanced" option in the party AI menu?


Pictorial example of what I'm talking about: http://shadeheart.com/images/morpheusDragonAge01Full.jpg

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I could see them expanding the AI with future updates. I would assume that they wanted to get the version they have now implemented to see how it goes and the responses they get before they expand further. Also they probably didn't have the budget to go all out within the first six months after release.


I could see them adding more options with the second part of the expansion is released this winter.

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