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  1. Any idea how soon "upcoming" is? I have all the dlc installed and prior to the latest patch everything was fine. After 3.1 says missing dlc.
  2. I'm in latest versions, IE mod works just fine for me. I believe it is in the process of being updated but there is no need to wait for that, it works fine.
  3. I remember reading a few comments a while ago and I think 50% made it so if you do every single thing you should be able to get it right before final fight which is kind of excessive I think. I think they said 25% to 33% is a good recommendation.
  4. It seems unlikely the IE mod will ever fully catch up. Most likely a few of the features will be updated separately but that's it. I played the game on first release, waiting to play my next playthrough until the next patch.
  5. No doubt they will make PoE 2 at some point, it just may not be their next project. After do so much world building and fixing/changing the game for the last 3+ years I would imagine that the primary people would want to take a break from PoE world and do another project or 2 before returning to the franchise.
  6. Not sure it is quite as bad as you make it sound Luckmann, but the game definitely was not made to be modder friendly. I do however totally agree about the "modders will fix that" mindset. Going forward games are likely to be less and less mod friendly, not more. Switching to Unity 5 for the sequel would certainly make modding a whole lot easier/doable.
  7. It would make very little sense for them to switch to a completely different engine unless they really hate using unity. No doubt they would switch to unity 5 for PoE 2 since it would be far easier to transfer their assets to that engine. Now that they have experience using unity, if they continue to use unity for the next game it will be a lot easier for them compared to making PoE 1.
  8. My guess would be a good month after WM2 comes out...so probably right around the 1 year anniversary of the games release. Now if there is a director's cut, goty edition, enhanced edition etc... then obviously that changes things however I do not think there will be anything like that. At most a goty edition that just includes the game and expansions at a discounted price or something. I imagine Obsidian will put their focus on PoE 2 once they finish patching this game.
  9. I think it can be decent for this game... Just play in slow mode since the combat can get frantic.
  10. Well I use the steam controller as mouse and keyboard setup. With PoE no doubt it would be more of a challenge to use with steam controller, I will mess around with it in a couple of months once they release the rest of the expansion and patch it a couple more times after.
  11. I have been using steam controller for a month or so now...I don't play games too often like I use to but I have played it with MGS 5 and DA:I, controller works quite well with both games. Now I have always been a mouse and keyboard person, and I have always disliked gamepads for the majority of games except for sport games and fighting games. The main thing with steam controller is that it can take quite a bit of time to configure for each game so that can discourage some people from having to go through the effort of trial and error for each game. However, once you get the configuration
  12. True, but you can't play White March part 2 without upgrading to 3.0 as White March P2 and 3.0 are literally the same patch. Considering the amount of gameplay changing in 3.0 getting the IE mod running with it will take a lot of work. No question IE mod will take quite a bit of time to get out and stable after 3.0 however I do not believe the OP was too concerned with this. Sounds like he wants to play today which would mean he would likely be finished long before 3.0 is released therefore the IE mod in it's current state would be more than acceptable for him.
  13. IE mod is available for current version, it's in beta but I've read is pretty stable. I haven't played since the first week after I beat it, I'll be playing around a month after TWM 2 is released. From my understanding playing with xp nerfed by 25% is a good way to go. You still hit the cap towards the end or so
  14. If they did KS for the sequel then I would imagine it would be like DOS 2 where KS is used for partial funding. However this game doesn't need 10 million unless they are trying to voice act everything which I hope they don't.
  15. PoE has absolutely been a financial success. Based on sales figures and factoring in that OE pretty much without question made 40% or more of the gross revenue, there is no other conclusion to make other than the game being successful. You have to remember that the game was already funded before going on sale. No doubt OE spent money from their own pocket, maybe a million or so, but nearly the entire game was funded. Therefore whatever money OE receives from the sales goes straight to their pocket minus what they spend on patches and the expansion. Therefore, simple math, 500,000 * $45
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