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  1. Having a second Priest NPC would be cool but there is a time constraint issue involved. That said, even though Durance is one of my favorite video game characters in a good long while, don't knock playing as the Priest. Turned out to be one of my favorite playthroughs even though I wanted more Eothasian centered dialog choices.
  2. I had a great time with the story and the writing. My favorite aspects were the central plot, Thaos was a very memorable antagonist, and the writing of the companions. I would actually remove about 50% of the trash fights and focus more on the battles that tied in to the story. Combat was definitely not the highlight for me here, but it never was in IE games either.
  3. I really enjoyed his personal quest! Was one of the highlights of White March for me. Voice actor was very good. I wish there would have been more monk to monk specific dialogue, as my main was a monk when I I played White March but Zahua was still fun. I was also really satisfied with my resolution to his personal quest and his ending slides were great.
  4. Way too hard for me. I would actually be curious to see how someone could even solo all that content, let alone on trial of iron. This game has some very challenging moments.
  5. What the hell? Out of Obsidian's 200 employees, they literally only have 20 of them working on Pillars. Throughout Obsidian's history, they have always been working on at least three games at the same time. As an independent studio, they pretty much *have* to. This isn't like Bioware where they constantly and only release Dragon Age and Mass Effect sequels because they have EA backing them. So 10% of the company worked on Pillars of Eternity? That's pretty interesting. That's a super talented small group of people. The other 90% have a lot to live up to.
  6. That is incorrect. Here is the exchange that illustrates your confusion: Karkarov said: He all but said, "yes there will be a sequel". Your direct response: Actually no. He said "we'd love to do a sequel." not 'yes there will be a sequel.' If you understood the difference between "all but said" and "yes he said" then you would not have responded in such a way. If you had been a backer then maybe you would have read the terms of the contract, which would result in you understanding why there is no reason to be upset about OBS moving on to a new product after completing the current product. Your own statement has the answer: "new world." Backers only had a hand in funding the PoE world, which is complete. That does not extend to a new world. A new world would require a new contract with new funding and new backers. Which is what they have with their other projects. Goodness. You haven't proved a point in your semantic argument at all. Karkarov insinuated that JS 'all but said there will be a sequel'. I disagree with that assertion. That's my point. All I did was quote the actual article. You are being argumentative and contrarian for the sake of it and making veiled statements about what I do or do not understand. You assume an awful lot. As for your last incoherent point about the backer contract. I never said people are owed a sequel. I never said they are entitled to one. I just said I would be 'kind of sad' if another Pillars wasn't being made. And frankly not even being a backer I will still be 'kind of sad' if one isn't being made but I think it would sting a little bit more if I had been. I didn't mention anything about contracts and I don't have any intention of doing so. The statement is purely about feeling, fan attachment rate to a work of fiction, and the possibility of certain future outcomes. Obsidian are obviously free to do whatever they like, but that won't change how people react to their choice. If they decided to make super mario maker mods fans would have zero recourse to alter that decision. Fans also would have zero contractual basis to assert any form of opposition. People would still be free to think wtf? if they wanted to though.
  7. Did someone say they are making a tank MMO? Is that a thing? Also, why? EDIT: If I had been a backer I would be kind of sad that they were making a different game after PoE, instead of continuing to craft this new world I had a hand in funding. I wonder if any of the backers feel that way?
  8. No one is putting words in the interviewees mouth, you just seem to think that "all but confirms a sequel" is the same thing as "he just confirmed a sequel." It's not political speak, it's a common figure of speech that you are interpreting wrong. Josh has eluded to a sequel on more than one occasion. I don't think that "all but confirms a sequel" is the same thing as "he just confirmed a sequel". That's my point. I didn't say either of those things. I just quoted the interview and then said I was mostly curious about the other rpg they were working on.
  9. Political speak isn't something I enjoy. I just quoted exactly what the guy said and stated I was curious about stuff. There are other people in here putting words into the mouth of the original interview stating it means something it didn't actually come right out and say.
  10. Sorry, I don't agree at all. In fact, one of the first things I look at when deciding to purchase a game is how long it is. Since I only play RPGs, really anything less than 30 hours kills my excitement, and less than 20 hours is almost a guaranteed no buy. The reason is simple: to me the purpose of an RPG is to build and roleplay a character, and to interact and investigate the lore of the world - something that is difficult to do in a short period of time. I'm looking for something similar to a novel, but with gameplay. It's the same reason I don't read short stories - not enough meat on the bones. That said, I don't like 150 hour + adventures since it's guaranteed you'll burn out, but I want an epic adventure that feels like the characters have been though a lot. I would rather have a 20 hour main quest with lots of reactivity and multiple paths through it with lots of roleplaying opportunities than an 80 hour game with only one path through the main quest.
  11. If you are into these type of games why would you stop after Torment? Besides, Pillars of Eternity is really different from Torment: Tides of Numenara. Pillars is way more focussed on combat for one, TToN is turn based for two, one is fantasy and the other is science fantasy/fictiony ...
  12. Do you imagine the interest in Pillars of Eternity 2 will be higher or lower than it is now years down the road? Mainly I am just curious what this other RPG is?
  13. Actually no. He said "we'd love to do a sequel." not 'yes there will be a sequel.' But that's not what I found the most interesting. It is the "...but we'd like to move on to a new project" part that I'm curious about. I wonder what it is?
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