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  1. So, did a quick search on google and these 2 party members are found in Stalwart from WM1, that ok? Questions: Is the content of these 2 npcs related MOSTLY to White March, or they affect much of the general game?? (outside of white march) Also, White March being an expasion, should I wait until finsihing to game to try it? The option to go there has been available for a while but I avoided thus far, assuming its a high level area (like say Watchers Keep for BG2). Thanks for clarifications!!
  2. Lol yeah it is kinda crazy, but the thing is, he excels in being an annoying NPC, you don't need to love a character to admire how he/she is represented. Elric said it best with less words: I think Durance is the best written companion. But I hate him.
  3. Wholeheartedly agree, specially because in here we can perceive the issues and fix them, unless of course, we choose not to, or depend upon the unwilling. Wich makes me twice as glad, noticing how Durance and the priest class are treated in such high regard
  4. Is there? Personally don't mind him in general as a character (as said before he is well written IMO), its the marriage of character + overall in-game usability that becomes bothersome.
  5. That depends, if you're wise enough to perceive a majority, then opinion is common sense. I pity people who are presented against their personal view every so often, surrounded by fact and pattern, but still thinking its opinion. "Hypocrisy is like blinking, everyone does it a lot and forget that they are doing it."
  6. There could be an automated "stand your ground" formation (can be turned off in settings) at the beginning of every combat. While in "SYG" formation, characters will slowly (as in cautiously) move towards enemies until they're in range for either engage in melee or fire ranged. SYG is lifted when a party member (but lifted ONLY for that party member) is ordered to attack a specific enemy, SYG could give a bonus to all defenses like +3, since characters are being aware/cautious and not amidst the chaos of combat yet. Enemies could also employ some smart use of SYG based on tactical scenario/map advantage. Its sort like the stealth mode, the problem is that when characters are detected in stealth, they instantly become stupid. This thing of characters running head-on into combat like idiots is so 2 decades old, I mean "baldursgateish" ^^ Also the body-block that creatures apply to each other is fine if/when enemies are close, but its too large when no enemies are nearby and a creature is just seeking passage through its own allies (who are not engaged in melee), should have been more well-adjusted too.
  7. Given that I'm a newcomer here, and by the look of things, it appears these stones have been knocked over more than a couple times before... But yeah lets say its just a ME problem, bcs trying to argue common sense with users that have been into this game for god(s) knows how long, certainly have UNbiased opinions and see common sense when presented, would be a delusional issue. Its a good game so far but not without its problems from ground design to execution, still gonna say the same about Batman VS Superman while to some it remains a masterpiece. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2975590/board/thread/255177474) Anyway, yeah, opinions.
  8. That hes very well written is not in question, I agree to that completely. But hes still the most annnoying NPC thus far. The issues are, in no particular order: 1- Balance. I can ATM trade him for Aloth, Kana, Sagani or Pallegina. None of these 4 are nearly as useful as he is. 2- Priest class. Its a very cool class with so so many options and background, unfortunatelty its stuck campaign/story-wise with that annoying NPC. (Custom hired adventurers are ridiculous, no matter how bad Durance is, hes still a lot better than an empty, ZERO content custom created randomic priest party member.) 3- Durance quest. Have to carry the guy around and be constantly poking him for dialog, as if he wasn't annoying enough, devs found a way to make it worse. Religious background in games or NPCs is cool, problem is, PoE is a new and fresh setting. This whole thing with soul manipulation and animancy and gods here and there are a major reason that makes this game hard to digest, they could/should have sticked to simpler things, at least until people grow more familiar with the newly conceived setting. But alas common sense is underrated in fantasy circles. That would be discussion for another topic though.
  9. Viconia was cool. Most characters in BG games had a redeeming qualities to them. Same can't be said for poor Durance -> F* ugly, F* annoying and boring religious NPC, still have to keep him around while "learning the ropes" cause hes damn useful. Learn from that Obsidian! When you're going to make an NPC that most players have to stick with, at least make it a pleasant one.
  10. Actually I would edit but there is some lame restriction on this account that forbids me to :/ Anyway, the game is playable without a priest, sure. I can play without using my hands or hitting the keyboard with nose strikes only for added difficulty! Fact stand that thus far going without Durance sure as hell looks like a handicaped experience, don't see me changing opinion soon, but might happen, haven't met all NPCs yet, unfortunaly have to save 1 slot in party for this bearded buffon
  11. Edited the first post to reflect difficulty (since it was not clear ENOUGH for some people).
  12. Heya, started playing a couple weeks back. Even though I don't like Durance very much (there are cooler party members), he seems kinda irreplaceable since his class/spells are just too good, going without him feels like playing the game with a handicap :/ Possible workarounds would a priest protagonist (meh), or making a custom priest companion (well, that would be even worse than durance). Since I don't think this class or NPC is gonna be rebalanced, can we get a new Priest NPC that actually is cute/cool? (And female to boot at that) Please include this at top priority for new NPCs.
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