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  1. I can only imagine 2 major reasons. 1st is that people go along without getting the mechanics fully, it is not a requirement to play and a field that becomes shadier the deepper it goes. Second is that people mostly talk about what they understand: Theres clearly a mechanics system that 'seems to be' very deep and well thought, but since they didn't get to really understand/commit (ex. memorizing stack rules), they refrain to go into detail at an area where their opinion might be seem as wrong or stupid. But the impression lingers afterward nonetheless. Players may unconsciously do the reasoni
  2. Not PotD or the difficulty specifically, its mostly the way mechanics roll in PoE1, in a general sense.
  3. I understand what you guys are saying. While my issues are specific, optimization is a part of the journey and will affect everyone on the minor or major sense, they may just come out with the "meh" taste without getting to the why of it, happens all the time. Another issue I'm finding with the game difficulty is that going to X area and the fights are hard, then going to Y area and the fights are a lot easier. Currently went from the inside of Durgans (Mines/Forge areas), to Od Nua Dungeons depth 9-10-11 and then to Elmshore. Seems that the game was designed with a "specific pre-determin
  4. Meta is not necessary on Hard, I'm finding it necessary on PotD. Altough I wouldn't rule out the possibility to play PotD without meta, I currently don't think its possible or advisable. The difference between Hard and PotD feels huge, wich is another issue. Would like a middle ground with need to micromanage but no need to abuse meta. The whole point in what hurts PoE1 isn't about how much meta/optimization is necessary, instead how the game goes about it. Mechanics should be a fun/entertaining process. A good game makes you appreciate its tactical aspects, PoE1 convolutes it and fails t
  5. Approaching each aspect of the game individually (graphics, sounds, mechanics, roleplaying, etc). We all have different values and practices, but the game has to be judged in each area and how succesful goes the mix. Mechanically I find it to be unnecessarily convoluted. Stands as a deterrent for me to buy PoE2 or even tell others to try PoE1/2. If all the people who bought PoE1 enjoyed the game, they would look forward to play 2 and tell others to. While not everybody reasoning is the same, some lines cross and mechanics are a huge part of the game. Save for lack of companions/interaction
  6. Drink a 2 DR Beer, activate Zealous Endurance, DR from 1st gets supressed by the 2nd. Pick Bull's Will to resist X/Y/Z, then next lvl the priest or other class gets a spell that makes the char impervious to X/Y/Z, so Bull's Will has become redundant. Armored Grace says -20% Armor Speed Penalty, doesn't states if flat modifier or based upon current equipped armor or if theres a formula. PoE1 at least, has 95780297589027589026798 cases that go like this. I wanted to make Barbarian with tons of attack speed, then noticed things add/stack in determined way that I gotta memorize or sort out what
  7. PoE 1 is a BIG reason why 2 sold bad. That and probably lack of publicity creating hype for 2. IMO, that is ^^ I'm a lover of isometric and RTS games. Still finishing PoE1. First started a playthrough some time after it came out (wayy back), but with talks of expansion I dropped and waited, now finally came back to play both 1 and 2. PoE1 is nice in general design and portraying its story/fantasy setting to the player, there's more to like than to dislike but... Mechanically the game is a convoluted mess, wich is scary after so many patches and couple expansions =X Nice con
  8. Seems to be working well now, just got my *** handled to me at Elmshore \o/ Maybe the isue was with the places I went to before, guess those were supposed to be easy despite the setting.
  9. Hi all! Started the game in hard, then I dunno but it kinda became too easy at some point and I used IEmod to change setting into PotD, and also used the command ToggleScaler setting the following: PX1_HIGH_LEVEL, ACT4_HIGH_LEVEL, ELMSHORE_HIGH_LEVEL, PX2_HIGH_LEVEL Does that mean all encounters are at the highest possible challenge? Or just mean the game tries to scale for my current party level?? Is there a way to ensure all encounters will be at their most difficult? -SPOILER WARNING- Just went through Cliaban Rilag and the 3 areas were so easy, worried I might be doing something
  10. So, did a quick search on google and these 2 party members are found in Stalwart from WM1, that ok? Questions: Is the content of these 2 npcs related MOSTLY to White March, or they affect much of the general game?? (outside of white march) Also, White March being an expasion, should I wait until finsihing to game to try it? The option to go there has been available for a while but I avoided thus far, assuming its a high level area (like say Watchers Keep for BG2). Thanks for clarifications!!
  11. Lol yeah it is kinda crazy, but the thing is, he excels in being an annoying NPC, you don't need to love a character to admire how he/she is represented. Elric said it best with less words: I think Durance is the best written companion. But I hate him.
  12. Wholeheartedly agree, specially because in here we can perceive the issues and fix them, unless of course, we choose not to, or depend upon the unwilling. Wich makes me twice as glad, noticing how Durance and the priest class are treated in such high regard
  13. Is there? Personally don't mind him in general as a character (as said before he is well written IMO), its the marriage of character + overall in-game usability that becomes bothersome.
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