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  1. I have no problem giving commands in actual turn based games for all my characters, that is normal and expected. But if I'm playing one of these "real time with pause" games, pausing after every little action and clicking skills, targets and movements for several different characters just seems super tedious and makes the game feel unnecessarily slow. I still haven't played this game so I haven't experienced the combat, but I hope one of their focuses for the possible sequel is a robust, deep and flexible AI scripting/behavior options.
  2. Honestly, I for one love games that let me set nearly perfect AI behavior through editing scripts. What is awesome to me is to watch game play itself so well I really rarely need to take manual control (like in bosses etc). Final Fantasy 12 was the best game for this, and after that maybe Dragon Age 1 or 2. Going to finally start Pillars next week, I don't know how well you can set AI behaviour but I hope it's thought out decently.
  3. Shorter, more polished game that has amazing amount of replay value = sign me in!
  4. So wait, is the whole documentary only 20 minutes long? I'm trying to find the whole thing, but the Vimeo on Demand link is dead. Sucks, I really want to watch it.
  5. I bought Pillars a long time ago but still haven't started it. I was going to play a lot earlier but then I noticed that the game was changing pretty heavily (stats, balance ect.) through big patches. Obviously I'm getting both expansion packs next month, but I'm still hesitant to play it before it is really done, you know? I'm the type of person who always waits for the GOTY and complete editions so I get the full experience right away. Any predictions when the game is finally going to be done?
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