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  1. See this topic here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105915-30-missing-dlc-after-patch-30/
  2. My experience (version 2.1, downgraded from 3.0 because of a bug). 1. I freed Scyorielaphas. 2. Allied with Rauatai. 3. Got involved in the naval battle. 4. Monster appeared (didn't occurred to me it could be the guardian) and Scyorielaphas fought it off. 5. Arrived at an empty Ukaizo harbor - which was a bit anti-climactic as I expected a fight as difficult as the one with Thaos in PoE 1. Captain Furrante arrived after I shut off the storm machine, but that fight was too easy on normal difficulty with a level 20 party.
  3. As mentioned, the downgrade works, but apparently 2.1 has an ending slide bug, causing it to be stuck at one slide. Apparently it's a bug connected with BoW DLC (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105175-stuck-on-epilogue-page-cant-continue/). It happened to me at the same page as described in the linked topic. The 2.1 version also shows I have BoW installed at the main menu (when I really don't), so could that be the reason for the ending slide bug and the "missing dlc" bug in 3.0?
  4. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, verification of integrity did not help. Here is the link to a few of my saves: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0rih6ua86ad61l1/saves.zip?dl=0 and I attached couple of screenshots of the tooltip and which DLCs are installed. On a positive note, moving most of my saves from the save folder did speed up menu interaction (I had over 200 saves).
  5. I have GOG version of the game and yesterday before patch 3.0 all was well. Today the game was patched and now I cannot load any saves, because it says "Missing DLC" (See attached image). Makes me a bit frustrated as my last save is at the beginning of the end game. I do not have the Beast of Winter and Slayer, seeker, survivor DLCs, but I do have the free ones and the backer one. Also main screen loading now takes considerably longer and clicking on any option in the menu (like load or options) also takes a lot of time. Help? edit: added missing attachment and output_log.txt
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