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  1. Well, if stats reflect companions as a character, it would mean that all of them are mediocrities not worth speaking of. Not a good way of looking at it, eh? Why not go further? Why would you select the skills and talents for the companion? If the player remains unchecked, he can ruin the character by, say, making our tank character an archer! Outrage! Oh, and while we're at it let's prohibit you to meddle with their equipment, it ruins the immersion! (DA2, I'm looking at you). I do understand obsidian, they probably wanted to make sure that all of the classes are self-sufficient, so that
  2. You can respec your own attributes, and you can respec the attributes of the adventurers that you've hired in the tavern, but you are not allowed to change the attributes of the preset companions (Eder, Aloth, etc)
  3. Today I've hit the 100 hour mark in Pillars of Eternity. But out of this 100, I've spent at least 90 either without any companions, or with the custom made ones. I haven't done a single companion quest, my only knowledge of them comes from their first dialogue. I just can't have an inefficient companion when I can make the custom one and optimize its stats as I see fit. So when it was announced that 2.0 would make it possible to respec your companions, I was really hyped. I was more hyped about it than about the DLC. Finally, I thought, I might explore all the characters with their unique
  4. Description: If you talk to Eder (the dialogue that triggers him to join your party) after completing the "Lord of a Barren Land" quest, favoring Kolsc, Eder's dialogues won't be adjusted to the fact that Roedric is dead and Kolsc is a new lord. Mostly it results in phrases in line of "I'm the next one to hang" (even though he's standing right next to the group of people who just removed the corpses from the tree) and "Kolsc is on the run" Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1) Complete "Lord of a Barren Land" quest by killing Roedric 2) Return to the gilded vale 3) Talk to the animanc
  5. I really like those three: 1) Fighter - main tank (thanks to the defender modal ability) 2) Cipher - range DD (Pretty much the best range DD in the game with huge range of awesome skills - what else would you want?) 3) Chanter - either offtank or range DD (I prefer him as an offtank because of all of his debuffs) All of them properly minmaxed, of course Considering that during most of the encounters you could position yourself really good in the doors or other similar bottleneck-friendly locations, I fill the rest of those with one (or several) of the following: 4) Paladin -
  6. I've started a cheat run to see, what could you possibly get (in terms of NPC aggro range, quests and notable drops) by doing a 'chaotic evil' run, killing everyone on sight. I've encountered 2 quest bugs, hindering my progress. My fiddling with stats might've been the cause of those two bugs, and I'm too lazy to check if that's the case, so I'm reporting those bugs anyway. PoTD difficulty, with trial of iron and expert mode on. Here's 2 bugs I've mentioned: 1) Impossible to advance "Visions and Vispers" quest because if impossibility of rest at the inn. Steps to reproduce: 1. Ar
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