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  1. thank you for the fast responses and for explaining the source of the bug as well as a solution for the level12 problem
  2. update: i created a new monk via the inn with same stats/abilities and he seems to have reasonable accuracy/damage, but he is only lvl11. apart from lvling, is there a way to make him lvl12 like my original (but bugged) monk?
  3. hi there. info: im playing a six man potd run of poe+wm1 (version 2.03). i retrained my former cc/tank monk to an unarmed dps monk. the resulting values i get from unarmed accuracy/damage are too good to be true compared to any other builds/classes i tried before (and i tried many). please see the added screenshots of the unbuffed monk (no potions/grp buffs etc active). btw if i switch to a superb weapon my accuracy drops by about 30, so its probably an unarmed bug. is that a known bug and how can i get rid off it (bc id really like to play an unarmed dps monk, but not an overpowe
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