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  1. Hopefully, yeah! What I did was wait to talk to her until after you leave the ship instead (she will ask to talk again if she's in the party) and everything worked fine.
  2. Going to the Groundbreaker for the first time and finding that npcs in both conversation scenes and non-conversation dialogue are automatically skipping their first few lines - the public dialogue between some dock npcs and Felix for example skips every line near-instantly instead of playing out. When I talk to Felix or my companions, their first lines are un-voiced as though I am mashing the cancel button at maximum speed (I have checked to make sure this wasn't a controller issue, it is not). If the conversation breaks to wait for a player response, the line does not skip but still is un-voiced, and all dialogue after that point within that conversation scene works normally. Dialogue works fine on Terra 2 and elsewhere when I leave the station, but continues not to work whenever I am on the Groundbreaker. I have tried doing different things prior to leaving the ship onto Groundbreaker, but it seems like the bug is something inherent to the station itself rather than related to anything I do prior to loading into it. It's very unfortunate because this bug means that it's impossible to read any information in a conversation prior to being able to choose a player response, so I'm not sure if I should try to proceed with the game for now or wait for a patch. I tried to attach my save file, but the forum upload limit is very small and can only send the .bin file. Would be happy to email it to devs. I'm playing on a ps4 pro, in case that makes any difference. EDIT: Solved it? Turns out it only cancels audio on the Groundbreaker if I talk to Parvati when she asks "Can we talk?" just before leaving the ship. Very odd, but I suppose that means the source of the issue is related to something about her groundbreaker-first-time dialogue or shoutouts. TheOuterWorlds0001.bin
  3. Enchanting the Saint's War Armor with the "Fine" quality causes it to lose all its pierce resistance, even the natural pierce DR that scale armor is supposed to come with. It correctly gains 2 DR and 2 Slashing and Freeze DR, but does not display having pierce resist at all. The +3 Pierce bonus displays on the character's detailed information screen alongside the +2 bonus from Fine, but the stat overview on the inventory/paperdoll screen does not show him as having any Pierce DR. I also tried attacking the party member in question using a pierce weapon before and after the enchant to see if this may simply be a tooltip/display error, but the results were unclear - the damage differences between wearing the normal Saint's War Armor, after enchanting it to Fine, and after putting on a leather armor with no natural pierce DR, were all so slight that any changes could have just been natural damage variance. IMAGES Saint's War Armor before enchanting: Saint's War Armor after enchanting (and compared with ordinary Scale Mail):
  4. I rolled a new rogue recently and was very regularly seeing him hit enemies for 40+ at level 1 using The Disappointer. But that was pretty much always on the opening shot of combat, taking advantage of Sneak Attack and the 1.25x damage boost from Crippling Strike, and of course he was very slow and fairly inaccurate while doing it.
  5. I'm specifically looking at the spell Infuse With Vital Essence, but it would also be nice to know the answer generally speaking. Infuse provides 50 bonus health and 50 bonus endurance for a reasonable duration, and my hope is that it'd be a useful sort of panic button for keeping my party's wizard alive in case he happens to get engaged by troublesome enemies like Shades and Phantoms. But I'm playing on Hard and often find myself running my party to the limits of their health pool, and unfortunately the game seems to offer no explanation for what happens after that temporary health or endurance expires. When temporary health goes away, is it tracked and subtracted as a separate pool from normal health, is it simply subtracted off of the top of the character's total health pool, or is it subtracted from whatever health the character has remaining? If it's the latter: Can a character die due to losing temporary health, if they had less remaining than what the spell gave them? Or would they survive with a bare minimum of 1? When a character with just temporary endurance is damaged, do they also lose real health from their non-temporary health pool? When a character loses temporary endurance due to an endurance buff expiring, does that lost endurance also have an effect on their non-temporary health? (I would hope not, as that would be a fairly broken implementation) Or for the more mathematical way of putting it: Wizard has taken a lot of damage and has 30/50 Endurance and 30/150 Health remaining. He casts Infuse With Vital Essence, bringing him up to 80/100 (or 80/50?) Endurance and 80/200 (or 80/150?) health. What is his resulting end/health if..... -The effect expires without the wizard taking any more damage? -The effect expires after taking only 10 damage? -The effect expires after taking 70 damage? All of these answers seem fairly important to practical use of temporary health or endurance buffs, and it really surprised me to see that relevant spell descriptions don't even hint at an answer. And I didn't see anyone wondering the same thing on a google search of the subject, nor was it obviously mentioned in the in-game Cyclopedia. I'd appreciate any responses from those who might know.
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