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[Bug][PS4] Dialogue on groundbreaker auto-skipping w/o audio

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Going to the Groundbreaker for the first time and finding that npcs in both conversation scenes and non-conversation dialogue are automatically skipping their first few lines - the public dialogue between some dock npcs and Felix for example skips every line near-instantly instead of playing out. When I talk to Felix or my companions, their first lines are un-voiced as though I am mashing the cancel button at maximum speed (I have checked to make sure this wasn't a controller issue, it is not). If the conversation breaks to wait for a player response, the line does not skip but still is un-voiced, and all dialogue after that point within that conversation scene works normally.

Dialogue works fine on Terra 2 and elsewhere when I leave the station, but continues not to work whenever I am on the Groundbreaker. I have tried doing different things prior to leaving the ship onto Groundbreaker, but it seems like the bug is something inherent to the station itself rather than related to anything I do prior to loading into it. It's very unfortunate because this bug means that it's impossible to read any information in a conversation prior to being able to choose a player response, so I'm not sure if I should try to proceed with the game for now or wait for a patch.


I tried to attach my save file, but the forum upload limit is very small and can only send the .bin file. Would be happy to email it to devs. I'm playing on a ps4 pro, in case that makes any difference.



EDIT: Solved it? Turns out it only cancels audio on the Groundbreaker if I talk to Parvati when she asks "Can we talk?" just before leaving the ship. Very odd, but I suppose that means the source of the issue is related to something about her groundbreaker-first-time dialogue or shoutouts.


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49 minutes ago, CynicalOwl said:

So if I reload before I talked to her it should work again?

Hopefully, yeah! What I did was wait to talk to her until after you leave the ship instead (she will ask to talk again if she's in the party) and everything worked fine.

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Hi guys, I was having the same problem as well. The way I fixed it is by deleting a bunch of save files that i have in my ps4. I only kept the one where I'm at the groundbreaker.

I wasn't able to properly talk to the whole crew of NPCs in the groundbreaker only giving me fast dialogue and empty voices but when I deleted most of my save files it worked.

You guys can try deleting some but not most of your save files if you guys want to test it out.

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