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  1. Is there a way to modify the maximum number of summons per character? I've looked in the global, ability, and statuseffects data bundles but haven't been able to find anything that limits each character to one active summon at a time from abilities.
  2. Yeah I'm getting this too. It is incredibly annoying and it leads to me getting nuked to death on my wizard as soon as most fights with ranged or quick enemies begins, considering equipping him in heavier armor and a medium shield but it sucks having to do that because my formations are being ignored for combat encounters. Rearranging the portraits at the bottom helps, but that gets constantly reset to a the MC being placed first and having to rearrange that and/or fix formations afterwards is a pain. Seems to happen when you enter combat from the map when entering a site too. How my formation is supposed to look vs how it looks after entering combat from the map https://imgur.com/a/0mG9duf
  3. Say I had a bow that always dealt 20 pierce damage upon hitting an enemy. If I enchanted that bow with burning lash, would it then deal 25 damage (20 pierce + 5 burn) or would it still deal 20(15 pierce + 5 pierce converted to burn) given the enemy had no resistances or DR? I guess what I'm asking is whether or not it adds the burn damage on top of the damage the bow already does, or if it converts some of the damage to the given element. I've searched for this on the forums and on Google and couldn't find an answer. Thanks for your time.
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