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  1. One thing is a system that 'fits' into the skill balance, another thing is whether the system makes actual sense and feels good character/class/lore wise. I think the wizard system in Deadfire feels somewhat unrewarding, it's really more of a pluggable sorcerer casting system, which require no forward planning, except at the wrong point, which is on level-up. The example I usually think of as to why the non-customizable grimoire system feels 'counter-intuitive': Lets say you want to build a fire-wizard and you want to cast primarily fire-based spells. You know that there is a fire-grimoire out there (which you would surely want to get your hands on as a fire wizard, right?) With the current system that would mean you should AVOID all the fire spells on level up, since most if not all of them are already in the fire grimoire! That just feels rather silly character-wise. On the other hand, if you do pick fire-spells on level up as a fire-wizard, finding the fire-grimoire is a pretty major 'meh' feeling, since you already have all the spells except for the special unique spell, and you very likely will be using a different grimoire :S Who makes these grimoires in the first place? Wizards, right? Our characters are not true wizards or what? Sometimes it's the little details I sometimes like to be puritan when it comes to spell choice such that the known spells makes sense for the wizard character. It seems off putting that my fire-based wizard also has a random necromantic or fear etc spell in his repertoire and action bar, 'just because random'. If there was an option to switch from a personal customized grimoire to a secondary one with situational/off-spec spells, I probably would actually switch grimoire during combat at times. The system just feels a little half-baked and a bit too locked down in my opinion.
  2. Where are the chain coifs? Do they even exist in PoE2? -if so, where are they found? I have yet to see any (currently lvl 16) In PoE1 there were chain coifs in the game, which was pretty awesome. They looked great as an alternative to a helmet or hood for armored characters who like the hooded look, without appearing too clothy/ranger like. A great deal of the character appeal is about the helmet/headpiece. In my opinion many helmets tend to not always look/fit that great, they often seem too small or too bulky, too shiny or a little too silly/weird. There are lot's of hats/cloth bandanas etc, which fits the setting. In Deadfire I too often end up putting hoods on everybody, unless it's some full plate knight in glorious shining armor. I think it would be great too see some rusty/worn chain mail head-pieces to go with many of the really cool well-weathered metal armors in the game. Perhaps some chain coifs combined in half-face/open-face helmets, with a plated part and a coif for the neck cover. It's possible I simply haven't discovered some of the cooler looking unique helmets yet, and It's all subjective of course, I tend to go for the rusty armored mercenary look Cheers (My sullen Watcher in rusty scalemail, tanky stalker/chanter so the hood fits well enough, yet a rusty chain coif would be even better!)
  3. 2 portrait mods for the TB party: Templar (paladin/priest) Psion Trickster
  4. Hey Watchers Just finished photoshopping a new portrait mix for my next TB playthrough, a Bloodmage / Barbarian (Warlock)
  5. Some interface elements which should be hidden are visible when playing on a widescreen monitor (in this case Samsung 49" CHG90 Gaming Monitor 3840x1080) see attached image edit: appears the ui elements get hidden correctly after combat ends. Thanks for adding a TB mode, having that option is awesome ^^ Just started TB mode, looking forward to seeing the game play out in a new perspective Cheers!
  6. Time for a new portrait mix - this time a veteran warrior! Geared up for the coming Winter @Kangkunis - There are a bit too many chars in BG to do them all, so just did my favs for fun But i'll prob put up a portrait pack mod with all the ones i do. @Phenomenum - awesome watercolor conversion of Viconia ^^ will have to take a look at a tutorial for doing them some day
  7. Did you also do the water colors for Viconia? No, I haven't made any attempts at watercoloring. I don't use the watercolors for player/companions, didn't think they added much, I prefer the color portraits. Makes sense for npc's as they are faster to make i guess. But if you/anyone feel like giving it a shot feel free
  8. finally finished photoshopping Viconia DeVir - a drow, but suppose she can pass for a pale elf as well
  9. photoshopped a couple of my fav characters from BG2, Aerie, Jaheira and Viconia originals from BG2
  10. not a lot of Aumaua portraits around, so I photoshopped together a Huana sea shaman
  11. Ohoy watchers I've made a couple of new character portraits by photoshop remixing various bits and pieces from some of the already great artwork out there. Zera the dwarven Zealot - Sorasha, a druidic Sorceror of the Fall - Hylda the Howler - Teyi, elven Thaumaturge - Cyrinn the cipher Seer (& her dark mirror image) - Nakuri, a mataru Shaman I did not make watercolor versions (I only use watercolors for npc's, keeping PC and companions in full color) if anyone want to give it a shot, feel free. Hope you like em, have fun! also modded a couple companions
  12. an alternative Pallegina mod and a bit darker color variant of Maia
  13. Not sure if this is known / reported already, but noticed that if a Blunderbuss is equipped in offhand slot while already having a Hand Mortar in main hand causes the Blunderbuss to disregard the -10 Inaccurate effect. Swapping main/offhand in specific order causes this issue. steps: 1. Unequip both hands 2. Equip a Hand Mortar in main hand 3. Equip a Blunderbuss in offhand 4. Notice that offhand accuracy is missing -10 Inaccurate 5. Swap main hand Hand Mortar to offhand and Blunderbuss to main hand 6. Swap Blunderbuss back to offhand and Hand Mortar to main hand (in that order, blunderbuss must not be last placed) 7. Notice offhand Blunderbuss now has the -10 Inaccurate correctly optional steps: 4b. Equip-swap (main hand) Hand Mortar directly with a Pistol 4c. Notice accuracy on offhand still missing -10 Inaccurate (see gifs) As far as I can tell it is not only a UI bug, the combat roll seem to be missing the -10 as well: + a couple of other minor UI issues: * missing/disappearing spaces with the damage/penetration display in inventory screen (a bit random) * sometimes very overlapping/oddly placed combat log roll tooltips (maybe due to my resolution 3840x1080)
  14. They are fairly squishy at first, until you gain a few levels for hp and invest a point in the armor passive. I found it also helped once your party can cast some buffs and debuffs, like blind and +con. I play stalker so pet has +1 armor when near the watcher but I'm still using the wolf mainly as a flank attack. In off-tank situations I have Xoti cast +5 con on him. Pet does go down occasionally still (i'm on PotD they hit hard) if caught in a bad spot, and has no way of escape yet or play dead. If pet gets to low health (and is not engaged!), don't be afraid to pull him away or behind you, let him play guard dog in case something rushes past the frontline. Better have him alive and not suffer bond debuff and he can still help mob up the fight. Also don't have him rush in headfirst, sneak in from the sides once enemies are already engaged and get the -10 deflect from Flanked. Atm my wolf can only handle 1 enemy on him, maybe 2 if there are heals still available. That said it helps that i'm multiclassed chanter and using skellys to take some of the hits. I guess the bear/boar are the tanky ones, wolf has good damage and little squishy, but so far it hasn't been a problem once you get used to the micro, and Heal Pet/Play Dead will help a lot.
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