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Found 2 results

  1. Not sure if this is known / reported already, but noticed that if a Blunderbuss is equipped in offhand slot while already having a Hand Mortar in main hand causes the Blunderbuss to disregard the -10 Inaccurate effect. Swapping main/offhand in specific order causes this issue. steps: 1. Unequip both hands 2. Equip a Hand Mortar in main hand 3. Equip a Blunderbuss in offhand 4. Notice that offhand accuracy is missing -10 Inaccurate 5. Swap main hand Hand Mortar to offhand and Blunderbuss to main hand 6. Swap Blunderbuss back to offhand and Hand Mortar to main hand (in that order, blunderbuss must not be last placed) 7. Notice offhand Blunderbuss now has the -10 Inaccurate correctly optional steps: 4b. Equip-swap (main hand) Hand Mortar directly with a Pistol 4c. Notice accuracy on offhand still missing -10 Inaccurate (see gifs) As far as I can tell it is not only a UI bug, the combat roll seem to be missing the -10 as well: + a couple of other minor UI issues: * missing/disappearing spaces with the damage/penetration display in inventory screen (a bit random) * sometimes very overlapping/oddly placed combat log roll tooltips (maybe due to my resolution 3840x1080)
  2. OK, was toying with my blunderbus, yeah, I get it doesn't do well against high DR... but I had a thought.... what if evenomed strike works PER projectile, instead of just per attack? nothing in the description says it doesn't. so, decided to try it out on my next level up. whoah. yes indeedy, all that raw poison damage is PER PROJECTILE. my very first attempt (sorry Aloth; he's my favorite guinea pig) resulted in: 5/6 poison hits, 1 graze, 2 crits, 2 normal target is now taking.... 12.2 raw damage per second... for 15 seconds. that's a ton of raw damage. O.o next question: does raw damage from different SOURCES stack? so... where one blunderbus with poison bullets does that... how about 2? 3? 6? if they all hit at the same time... could you really be doing 70-80 raw damage per second? so, give everyone envenomed strike, give eveyone a shotgun, er I mean blunderbus... have them all fire at a target at once... even if the target has FULL dr against the bullets themselves, you can still just stand back and watch your target melt nearly instantly from raw poison damage. I'll test that tomorrow, if nobody else does before then. in any case... my prediction for the next patch is they will make posion damage, at least from the same source, unstackable in the next patch. or have they already? don't plan to use 1.03 myself. will wait for 1.04. another test... against heavy armor. my paly has 21dr against piercing damage. blunderbus hits, 2 crits out of 4 hits for... 2 damage. ...envenom hits.... 4 grazes. raw damage total: 55. so there you have it. grand total of 57 damage, 2 from the actual weapon, and the rest just from poison. oh, also, that's against fortitude of 70 (likely why they are all grazes). ...second attempt: 5/6 hits, 1 graze, 1 crit. total physical damage: 3 total poison damge: 150! ...that's from a SINGLE attack from a blunderbus mind, against a paly with really good fortitude defense!
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