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Equip Bug: Hand Mortar + Blunderbuss missing -10 Inaccurate



Not sure if this is known / reported already, but noticed that if a Blunderbuss is equipped in offhand slot while already having a Hand Mortar in main hand causes the Blunderbuss to disregard the -10 Inaccurate effect. Swapping main/offhand in specific order causes this issue.




1. Unequip both hands

2. Equip a Hand Mortar in main hand

3. Equip a Blunderbuss in offhand

4. Notice that offhand accuracy is missing -10 Inaccurate

5. Swap main hand Hand Mortar to offhand and Blunderbuss to main hand

6. Swap Blunderbuss back to offhand and Hand Mortar to main hand (in that order, blunderbuss must not be last placed) 

7. Notice offhand Blunderbuss now has the -10 Inaccurate correctly


optional steps:

4b. Equip-swap (main hand) Hand Mortar directly with a Pistol

4c. Notice accuracy on offhand still missing -10 Inaccurate


(see gifs)


As far as I can tell it is not only a UI bug, the combat roll seem to be missing the -10 as well:


+ a couple of other minor UI issues:

* missing/disappearing spaces with the damage/penetration display in inventory screen (a bit random)

* sometimes very overlapping/oddly placed combat log roll tooltips (maybe due to my resolution 3840x1080)



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