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  1. I'll bet when they release more "story" content this game will get crazy if this is in the game already. It's these little teasers that'll keep you up at night lol
  2. I was having the exact same issue man. They were even going through game barriers like soda cans and the door to the research lab under the oak tree!
  3. We were playing the other day and a spider came went through the door of the research base! Never screamed so loud in my life! (Headphone Warning!) Spider Attack!
  4. This isn't a verified solution, but if you still appear as "OfflineUser" after hitting "Let's Play" on the title screen try opening the Xbox Console Companion app and signing in there first. I was having this issue as well, and it seemed that for whatever reason Microsoft wasn't registering my sign-in on the Xbox Gamepass app. However, launching Console Companion showed I was offline, and signing in there let me sign in when I launched Grounded as well. Hope it helps!
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