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english is not my first language so sorry for that 


so my question is simple where is the fix for some gamebreaking issues 

any creature in this game can somehow go throug everything (buildings i build and every objekt in this game) this makes it mostly unplayeble  the pathfinding is terrible too 

the conzept is great but bring an version that is not unfair ( larva too strong, going throug walls etc deal alot of damage and there are groups around ur bases up to 15 wtf )

ur game is and im sorry to say that but in this state not worth 2 bucks

just fix it

we payed alot of money for an alpha build  :(

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It's early access. I don't even think you could call this a alpha build. Game is not released until some time in 2021. Just report bugs/glitches. I understand how you feel. This game is really fun. It's frustrating, but keep in mind it's up to use to mold this game.

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