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  1. Hi Guys. I was thinking of a way to manage the save games and address what the people are suggesting, and I remember something. Have a look of how games like Satisfactory handles this, When you start a game, it asks you for a gameplay name so it can just create a folder with its own autosaves and manual saves files, there is no actual distinction of "single player" or "multiplayer", its just folders, that way we could have even several different "worlds" for each mode depending on who we are playing with or whatever. What do you think?
  2. Hi there, dont take it personal, I've seen a lot of people here demanding fixes as a released game, so just wanted to make sure it wasn't that case (which it isnt), I dont care about semantics. And im not downplaying anything, we all are having sometimes bugs that other people doesn't have, so I was just providing a possible workaround, better for the devs to know that it is a general issue that have no workaround., The more info we give them the merrier.
  3. 17. When you Mute friends on Lobby room and enter the Game, if you enter again the player list menu, UI its not updated to show who is currently muted and who's not. 18. Sometimes Hotpouch bottom bar gets buged and becomes unusable (Happened to my friends joining my game on PC, never happened to me). 19. Sometimes pressing "E" on PC keyboard while managing chests makes items dissapear.
  4. Hi Zero_Daye!, I've seen a couple of threads informing the respawning rates of quartzite, so I'm sure the developers are aware of this by now. The Axe 2 actually cuts down weed "trees", that the Axe 1 cannot do, and dependind on the trunk, it can give you up to 12 (in my experiece), weed stems. That's the focus of the Tiers for now, being able to farrm resources that you couldn't before. Agree with the Blueberry chunks, I tried to do so myself the first time I got them. About underwater apparatus, I'll only say that there are some outfit parts foun in the code addressing that ap
  5. Hi Alfaz! I noticed you are calling it "End game", just remember this is not an end game, game its eary access and still on development (and will be for a long time). Personally I have the same Weed problem, but Quartzite respawns fine, at least on the first cave you enter with the mites bitting the cable, thats where we do the quartzite farming. I sure think the developers are aware of the respawn rates issues (involving fauna, flora, and stones), hope you are loving the game as we do! let's just have some patience as a community and thanks for sharing!
  6. Totally agree with the awake taming, thats more realistic. Sleep timing in Ark doesn't make any sense to me.
  7. Hi Deji, the dew collector uses a blueprint like the walls and doors, so you dont need to have all the items needed at start, just place it and then start placing the items as you wish on top of it.
  8. Hi Poiso, both of this issues area lready reported, they al already working on that. You could enter trough the backdoor (inside the ant hill) for a temporary workaround on the door problem.
  9. Hi guys, this issue is already reported, so wait a little for the fix. Also remember that this is an Early Access Game, so its not complete and what you see isn't final. The content, balance and all kind of fixes will come from time to time.
  10. Hi! Awesome game so far! Some times when Stink Bugs does their cloud attack, their poison effect seems to get stuck on their characters, never happened to me (I'm hosting), but It's pretty common on them, Equiping/Unequipping the gas mask doesn't help, the only workaround we have found yet is either having their character die and respawn, or relogging. Keep up the good work!!
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