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  1. Been playing since pre-release and im enjoying 1.0 so far, but ants are still clipping through my base and i hear bugs in objects all the time. From what i've noticed is the hitbox for the ant comes from its torso, or basically center mass. This is possibly the cause for their heads sticking through walls. When a bunch of them get pushed together against the wall, they push each other through the wall and they can walk around my base. A possible fix would be to change the collision of the ant's body/head and the wall. Either create a 3d model hit box of the ant so the ant's head cannot clip through the wall, or increase the 'collision' hitbox radius for ants and walls so the ants heads do not clip through the wall, or change the collision hitbox of the wall itself. The wall's hitbox could be so thin that it's like paper and easily passes through. I'm not sure which of these is easiest, or best.
  2. I've noticed several audio bugs while playing and even loss all together. A reload of the save always fixes it for me.
  3. Do you go through the haze often? I've lost a bow while there and I've noticed other times that the explosions can knock items out of your hand. I chalked it up as that, but I never found it.
  4. Playing on the Microsoft Windows version. Started an MP world during the Hot & Hazy update. Continued to play with the Into the Wood update. Now there is an issue where the game does not properly sync the state of the world between host/clients. The client sees the door as open, but the host sees the door as closed. If the client walks through the door, the host sees the client remain at the door. The client is unable to interact with most world objects like chests/crafters etc. After a short duration the client is teleported back to the entrance of the door. Dealing damage to the client also teleports the player. The fix we found for this was for the host to open the door and leave the door open.
  5. Had the same issue. Also had an issue where the state of a door was not syncing across host/clients. This would cause the host to see the door closed, and the client seeing it open. When the client walked through the door they could not interact with world objects and they would be teleported back outside the door. The fix we found was for the host to open the door and keep it open.
  6. I play on pc with a ryzen 5 3600,16 gb ram,and a radeon r9 270x. 1 light decor causes me to lose fps. After 3 its pretty much unplayable. I've lowered my settings, but it only helps a bit. It would be nice to decorate with lights and turn them on, but i simply cant do it.
  7. I don't think berries were meant to be harvested under water. You can swim up to them then swim backwards and it will kick them forward. I've experienced the second one several times
  8. This must be the source of my game crashes. It be wont easy, but I'm going to keep saving until i get there and they are all dead.
  9. Im assuming you built near the first field lab. There is a larva cave near by and larva are known to wonder great distances. There is also a known issue where larva will multiply if you don't kill them frequently. The best advice is to build up high so you cant be attacked at all. Build out of stem with a clay foundation as soon as possible. My base is located on the rocks next to the juice box near the pond. It's a great spot to build that's flat, slightly elevated, and far enough from most spawns that we only have to worry about an occasional spider. Larva did come near my base, but i killed them before they got there. Not sure how much damage would have been done.
  10. Its probably showing the durability incorrectly. I had an axe i knew was broken. I died and reclaimed the axe but it showed full health yet i couldnt repair it. When i swung at a plant it unequipped it.
  11. This is a list of issues i've experienced that are not on the known issue list. 1. Occasionally when tranferring stacks to and from storage chests the inventory state reverts back when closing the chest. The work around is to retrieve 1 by 1. (This may be included in the list, but has different wording.) 2. Occasionally a when depositing into a storage chest, a stack of items will be placed on top of a seperate stack hiding the stack below it. When the stack is moved, the previous stack is revealed. 3. Occasionally when opening a chest a stack of items will be hidden under another stack. Moving the stack reveals the hidden stack. 4. EXPLOIT WARNING: I died and could not give up, or be revived. I restarted my game. When I went to retrieve my bag most my items were duplicated. 5. Insects/Bugs get stuck inside the terrain. This is especially problematic with ants. 6. Ant Eggs do not spawn in the Ant Hill because of a small colony count inside the hill due to them being stuck in the world. 7. Dozens of nectar spawned scattered in the air around the roses which could not be harvested. 8. Decor lighting causes significant FPS loss on PC. Lowering the detail quality and limiting FPS helped. 9. Occasionally the gas screen effect does not fade away . 10. I died and my bag did not drop where i died. It was moved to the starting point of the game. 11. Items often display incorrect durabilty. (Show full when damaged) Using them or moving them in the inventory usually fixes this if only temporarily. 12. I had a broken axe in my inventory when i died. I reclaimed my bag and it showed it had full durability and could not repair it. When i went to use it the axe broke again and said "must use an axe." I was able to repeatedly equip the axe and break down plants. 13. Sometimes when I die I am not given the option to give up and i cannot press start. I learned if i hold the button to give up it still works even though i see no prompt. 14. After starting several new worlds due to repeated crashes, I noticed sometimes the story dialogue reverts back to the beginning as if you just started. 15. A wolf spider jumped at the perfect angle and was able to get inside the oak lab door. 16. Not sure if this is intended, but if you don't eat/drink you will lose all of you health and not die.
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