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  1. I finally figured out that the infected gnats knock things out of your hands and possibly steal other things. I'm not a fan of that mechanic, especially since there's no notification/alert when that happens and the item icon is so tiny that it's difficult to find where the item went afterwards. They should either remove or fix this. If explosions knock weapons out of your hands, then yeah I'm not sure where it'd go. Probably fling it somewhere you'll never find. Haha I swear I lost an ax nowhere near infected gnats or explosions though, so I'm still not sure about that time.
  2. I keep losing my weapons randomly. Not sure if they're dropping or just disappear. One time I found a weapon again, but the rest of the times they were nowhere to be found. Not in inventory or around the area I was in. I didn't throw the weapon either, I even rebound that key to throw weapons, to make sure I didn't accidentally press it. Not sure how to reproduce yet though, but I've had to build a new needle sword at least 3 times so far because it keeps disappearing. Last thing I lost was just a basic ax at least. It happens on multiplayer when I'm the host and even when nobody else was in the server. Anyone else having this issue?
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