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  1. The purpose of this forum is to give feedback, and let them know which bugs need to be addressed, and which need higher priority. Just because you aren't affected, doesn't mean there aren't plenty of people who are affected. I understand that you are trying to help keep the devs from being bombarded, but it will also have the reverse impact of keeping them out of the very concise knowledge base. It's nothing personal, but please don't white knight. If something is wrong for you, voice it. If everything is fine, keep it out of this forum. If you have no workarounds to share, then don't share no
  2. Mint Mallet and Lady Bug armor is an easy Win solo if you can get perfectly timed blocks. Even easier if you are playing with your partner.
  3. I would consider the "Mint Mallet" Endgame as far as what the release title has too offer. Please don't argue what is and isn't as far as semantics is concerned. The cave you mentioned has yet to respawn any quartzite. This is a feedback forum, posts issues we notice. This is an issue i noticed. Please don't downplay my experiences with your own.
  4. I will have full health armor or semi health armor, doesn't matter what type (particularity apparent on ant armor and aphid) - when i receive any increment of damage be it from falling or getting attacked, my armor will be unequipped.
  5. I've spent nearly 60 in game days building with my pals. We are running out of the red tier 2 weeds to chop down, with them not respawning. Similarly, quartzite seems to be having the same issue. We've scrubbed clear most caves containing it, and will soon no longer be able to repair tools. This is mildly irritating considering we've spent all our time and energy to reach end game loot, only to have it rendered useless. If there were alternate methods of repair, like a weapons glue or a tools glue, then i wouldn't mind so much. But considering all tools use quartzite to repair, possible
  6. Getting downed currently is a pain in the rear, when you are killed by a bug. If you are downed, it fixates on you and makes it near impossible to get revived unless you team mate defeats it. I believe giving some crawling animations would add a bit of strategy to being downed, and not just an annoyance. Thanks for the game, devs!
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