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  1. I play the game with my daughter it would be nice while she is on summer vaca she can do things while i work.
  2. I also would like another sleeping situation. ++ can we actually get to the point where we could truly use the furniture we build. Can we actually sit in chairs and such.
  3. They have an option for those that have a phobia of spiders why not add that for those of caterpillars.
  4. Spittle bugs Fireflies I'm feeling like lets get rid of the orb weaver and introduce Trap door spiders. We already have the wolf spider why have two ground dwelling spiders or maybe get the Hobo instead Spotted Lanternfly
  5. I agree, more modes would be useful and not just a lets increase a bug count or increase health stats either. Right now i am more concerned they are having some major issues with game bugs. When you patch a APP and that causes more bugs there is a larger problem at play that needs to be addressed. I think they should introduce a weekly downtime schedule to repair bugs in a timely manner or the player base will shrink down to only those that are die-hards and loose a lot of the general player base.
  6. Quartzite not re-spawning - I have mined all sites its been more then 5 in game days and none of the sites are re-spawning. (it is possible i don't know all the spots) Why does Axe 2 gather the same materials from weed II that you get from Dandelions *Stem* it should be a newer stronger resource. If not why even craft the second Axe costs more resources to repair. Blueberry chunks - why cant you consume the chunks. It should feed and you satiate some thirst. When walking on the side of the pond near the fence there are bugs that are inside the rocks mainly Aphids it sounds l
  7. It would be nice if there was a moderator that can combine all of the posts that are the same. Maybe also create an XBOX, STEAM, PC category.
  8. I agree with Thanotos, although a little less aggressively . There are ways to add complexity to the game without imposing your will on the rest of the player base e.g. don't go pick up your items if you die, start a new game like previously mentioned, build a base in a risky area. Bugs being able to raid chests from the ground when the chests are two floors up should not be able to happen. Bugs clipping into your base without destroying walls Base walls moving up after log in e.g. i have walls on the first floor now poking through the second floors
  9. I agree with I do not think the save system is the issue here, I believe they wanted to make survival games more accessible. I think this is just fine Seems to be self inflicted. I think its good you can build a base high up away from danger. If you truly wanted the risk why not just build on the ground where a swarm of weevils can destroy your structure in a few hits. (bases are destroyed to easily when swarms attack) I agree with, but only depending on the difficulty you are playing in. Any thing above medium (or whatever that level is) should have these features. I
  10. Bugs of all types are able to walk through base walls. Should be able to craft, drop, deposit multiple items at a time On death bags sometimes despawn where one player can see bag bug the bag owner can not see bag. bag some times on retrieval will have items owner doesn't have or cant make yet
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