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  1. I really don't know if it is that simple but: they can replace the backpack UI when it's on the ground after you die by the chest UI (which have more slot than you inventory), but it will be pick-up only. It will give room for the armor which is not counted in your inventory slot in this scenario. First of all you seems to put word in my mouth, I don't want Obsidian to "loose" a feature, on contrary I think it's a waste of ressource, if I would need to suggest something is quite the contrary and add a feature to let the player decide if they want a more "survival" experience or not, li
  2. Here is the few things I figured out after 20 hours of playing in WOAH! Difficulty Solo and Co-op. Insects: Spiders should be alot fewer and be a more lethal threat: The Orb Weaver's web spit never hit its target, and its bite is really easy to perfect blocks, the same with the Wolf Spider's bite, its jumping attack is a bit more complicated to perfect block and deal alot more damage, that really the only thing that make the Wolf Spider a bigger threat.More patterns should make them more difficult, maybe multi-attacks like the Larvae's one where you need to perfect block
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