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  1. It seems that the plant lamps make the game lag terribly. The sconces seem to be fine however. Its definitely not my machine either.
  2. I like this. After getting good gear spiders become pretty easy. Bigger and harder spiders sounds awesome to me.
  3. Ladybugs are getting stuck inside the rocks near the pond and also the roots of the great oak tree.
  4. This is happening to me with lady bugs. They get stuck in a rock or a root by the great oak tree. This makes it impossible to get lady bug armor when they are spawning in these places. I had to use stink arrows to kill them to reset the spawns but they are still getting stuck.
  5. Spiders should be difficult. After you get armor and tier 2 weapons they become very manageable, especially orb weavers. Spiders are high risk high reward. One of the best parts about this game was the fear of being hunted by a spider in the early game. Once you have progressed far enough though there isn't that same fear you just beat the spider to death with the tier 3 mallet and its very underwhelming. I really think nerfing spiders would make this game boring. There is no other creature currently in the game that is even remotely a challenge.
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