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DON'T nerf spiders!

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Spiders should be difficult. After you get armor and tier 2 weapons they become very manageable, especially orb weavers. Spiders are high risk high reward. One of the best parts about this game was the fear of being hunted by a spider in the early game. Once you have progressed  far enough though there isn't that same fear you just beat the spider to death with the tier 3 mallet and its very underwhelming. I really think nerfing spiders would make this game boring. There is no other creature currently in the game that is even remotely a challenge.

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Solo, the wolf spider can still be fought fairly easily with some preparation and learning when to parry.

As a group, it wasn't difficult at all. We all got an ant club (which can be obtained pretty easily) and who ever had aggro just kept circling around the spider.

If anything I think they should have an increase in health or speed per player present

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