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Ants not spawning in hill due to being trapped in rocks or chasing aphids

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Ants were no longer spawning or making eggs. My ant hill had no workers. The ants were all either trapped in rocks in the NorthWest of the map or stuck chasing aphids or weevils. 

Maybe there could be a timer for how long an ant will chase something.  Also maybe ants have to return by a certain time.  


Also ants clipping into rocks is a problem.

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I think every 'night' cycle they should march back to the hill and 'reset' AI - this may require not actively sleeping in game, but would be a good AI tweak to help control them. Simply make an unseen target at the ant hill (inside, maybe the 'food storage room') to where all the Worker Ants target to go to.   Encourage the AI (to keep resets properly) by having it where if an ant didn't get back to the nest for 2 nights in a row (indicating it is stuck somewhere, etc) that it flat out dies where it was.   Now with rumor of taming in mind - make sure this is a flag for 'wild ants' and not 'tamed ants' to prevent future problems.

I too am having the issue of never seeing an ant egg. I have been killing soldier ants hoping to thin it, but I noticed most the worker ants are stuck around the pond/water areas. (some inside, never drowning, another thing that should happen)  I have been manually bringing rotten food and nectar and such to try to 'feed the colony' but nothing seems to work.  I am about to go on a complete murder spree and kill literally every ant to see if it will 'respawn' any at all. (because honestly I am sick of them breaking into my boxes when I have clay foundations and walls set up, with the storage no where near the outer walls)

I have 82 mandibles and 116 parts currently. and 130 acid glands. (only 4 heads!)   Just to give an idea of how many ants I have looted already. (I also have 1 full suit of ant armor, for reference)

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This is happening to me with lady bugs. They get stuck in a rock or a root by the great oak tree. This makes it impossible to get lady bug armor when they are spawning in these places. I had to use stink arrows to kill them to reset the spawns but they are still getting stuck.

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My game never respawns worker ants. They are completely out of my game. Only the soldier ants respawn and they are stuck in the walls like in your game. I have also never seen an ant egg. I can't seem to get this at all. Especially now since the latest patch which doesn't respawns anything including water and valuable resources.

It is now losing its gamers since the latest patch fixed other things it created a worse problem. Game is practically unplayable. 


There is a post here which talks about what may be happening to the ants getting stuck (clipping) inside of rocks. A good tip offered is to use gas arrows for those ants you can't reach. After taking this advice I was able to locate 4 different rocks where I was able to kill off worker ants.


I was able to get ant eggs. Follow the prior discussion and you will see that I was able to get them with ease. Here's a picture to prove it.

Grounded 8_10_2020 1_26_41 AM (2).jpg

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