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  1. Replying to this with the latest: game crashed for everyone in the session, I relaunched, returned and... well, had to begin from the very beginning. I picked the same kid I had, too but it just sent me to the beginning - that and upon approaching the Juice Box, droplets started spawning in massive size (enough to lag and almost freeze my game) and it created this only on my side: Upon relogging once more and reaching the place where I had set up up the spawn (that the game, upon crashing, barely recognized apparently), my bag disappeared from where I actually crashed (in the base) and is
  2. Been playing multiplayer for almost 3 or so days and I gotta say, the game is very pretty and I love it! This said, I have encountered a few bugs: Spiders randomly spawn en-masse in area near and around the neighboring area of the Oak Tree, making it impossible to run to it (found 5 spiders in a singular clump) or even navigate the area. Spiders also spawn outside of the Oak Tree lab and attack from behind walls. Larvae spawns are insane, after 1 hour or so of playing, we found a spawn of six Larvae around a Fruit Punch that almost killed us. Bombardier Beetles de-aggr
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